Today is World Elephant Day


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with elephants.  I love them.  Elephants are the only thing I collect…I have statues and carvings, tables with elephants as the base, and more than a few pieces of elephant jewelry.  I’ve always loved their size and strength…especially after I learned what social animals they are.  Their “family” structure is amazing.  They mourn their dead. They have incredible intellect and memory.  (“An elephant never forgets.”)  We can see them show signs of happiness, anger, playfulness, and grief.

WED_symbol_official_text_2-sm1-150x150And they are STILL being slaughtered for their tusks.  STILL being mistreated in captivity.  STILL on the brink of extinction.

World Elephant Day just started last year, but it is something every animal love should support.  Surprisingly, they aren’t asking for monetary contributions (seriously, check out their website)…they just want you to be educated on all the threats they face.  Heck, they’ll be happy if you’d just take a moment or two to get educated on elephants themselves.  Then post something on your Facebook…Tweet about it…blog about it…heck, good-ol’-fashioned TALK about it.  Even better – talk to a child about it!

We MUST save this species…and we have to start somewhere.

World Elephant Day

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