Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#35)

Happy 20 days until Christmas!  (Yikes!)

This week seems to be the week for itchy skin.  Guess it’s not just us humans that suffer from skin issues when winter comes!  First, my neighbor tells me one of her friend’s pups has mange, poor guy.  That gave me the idea to research some natural remedies and give everyone a little education on that horrible condition that affects so many neglected dogs.  (Check out our post on mange here.)

Then, my sweet girl Buffy got a little scrape or bug bite or something on her paw.  “No big deal.”  I thought.  Dogs’ bodies are like our own…they are amazingly effective at healing themselves.  BUT SHE WON’T STOP LICKING IT!  It has been a constant battle with her…a battle I am forever loosing.  It is no stretch to say this one centimeter wound on my dog’s front right paw is affecting everything from my sleep to my marriage.  Please do not think I am a bad parent by not taking her to the vet immediately.  Let’s be real here – if it were something that I was unsure about or seemed to be a seriously condition, I would not hesitate to take her to our wonderful vet.  A little scratch, though?  This seems like something I should be able to handle at home.  I’ve tried bandages, socks, exercise, constant distraction, natural deterrents (lemon juice and vinegar around the area)….and just today broke down and bought Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray.  Have any of your tried it?  I will keep you updated on how it works.  (I would welcome ANY and ALL advice on what to do about this licking issue!)

But you don’t stop by this blog on Wednesdays to hear me complain!  You stop by to see the cute dog pics.  Who am I to disappoint you?!?

Mara Jade Pup

Mara Jade (who you might recognize from one of our previous Wags & Whiskers Wednesday posts) turns 5 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARA JADE! We know your mom Leslie (@walkiesdoggies) is making sure you have an awesome birthday!



Look at this handsome fellow! Wags & Whiskers client, Magnum, is a true Jack Russel….which means he has LOTS of energy. (We are wondering how his mom got him to sit still long enough to snap this pic!)


Here is Magnum’s sis, Biscuit. She is much more of a cuddler (if you couldn’t tell by this shot!)