Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#9)

Happy Leap Day!

The insanity of last week has somehow carried over to this one.  I love being my own boss and having my own (successful, if I do say so myself!) company….but I do miss the days when I could take a personal day or tell my higher-ups I had too much on my plate.  Now, all I can do is complain to my loving family.  (Thank you, loving family!)

Then today, I found reason #1,643,867 why I love dogs staring me (literally!) in the face.  Dogs so easily and so perfectly point out all the things we are missing in the world around us.  All those little things that we either don’t notice or are too busy to care about.  This morning, running late as usual and not nearly as caffeinated as I should be, Buffy and I were out on a potty mission.  “What is that ANNOYING noise?!?” I thought.  Then I looked down at Buffy and noticed she was standing uncharacteristically still, focused on the little song bird.  If this pup could stop (fighting every evolutionary response that said “eat that bird for breakfast!“) and enjoy the tune – I could too, darn it!  So I spent the rest of this day – that only comes once every 4 years – paying extra attention to my four-legged companions.  I saw how much they enjoy just getting some fresh air, how much they appreciate company (mine and other pups’)….and how sometimes just the tiniest little treat can make their day.

It seemed fitting to feature pictures today that illustrate some of the things my canine clientele reminded me of today….

Take the path YOU want to take (even if you have to fight - in this case a kitty - to do so!)


True friends will stick by you no matter what (even when you think you've outgrown them!)


Sometimes, it's ok to break the rules!


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Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Another Wednesday!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far.  I’ve been having a bit of a rough time with my diabetes lately (new doctor and new treatment plan,) and I have never been more appreciative of the dogs in my life.  Over the years, I have gotten to know the dogs I walk almost as well as I know my own sweet Buffy…and I think they know me pretty well too.  When I’m down in the dumps, these pups kick up the cuteness, give me extra kisses, and look at me with those knowing eyes as if to say “It’s gonna be OK.”

Sometimes you don’t need words…you just need someone to cuddle up to quietly!

Enjoy these adorable puppy pics!  Please keep the submissions coming all week long: blog@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy Wags & Whiskers Wednesday!

Lots of tails are wagging down here in Houston – the weather has finally cooled off and the dogs seem much happier on their walks.  This dog walker definitely has some pep in her step due to the cooler temperatures.

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Pepper enjoying a dip in the pool


Oreo loves lounging....in her doggy brother's bed!


Merle likes to keep an eye on things from the top of the stairs

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Is it just me, or does this week seem to be moving EXTREMELY slowly!  This Houston heat is really killing me and my canine clients.  Pups are like people in that they need to stay hydrated before and after getting exercise….so don’t forget to give your dog that H20.  Dog are also like us humans in that they don’t like to sit in the sun all day – so please think twice before leaving your pooch outside for long periods of time.

Enough of all that, though.  Let’s see some cute dog pics!

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

To all of you who have a holiday weekend coming up, this Wednesday is a wonderful day! Only a few more days until that coveted Monday off. Unfortunately, when your job is caring for furry friends whose their parents are away…you work right on through the holidays. When you love what you do, though, it hardly seems like work!

Included a kitty picture in our Wags & Whiskers Wednesday today. A beautifully sweet one at that.

Enjoy! Make sure that anyone who is having a rough day takes a gander at these shots….guaranteed to make you smile on “hump day.”

Wags & Whiskers Wednesdays (aka my new excuse to post cute dog pics!)

Ah, Wednesdays.  They are so hate-able.  You’re bogged down with the drama of your week, and that weekend seems so far off.  One of my favorite things to say (to the point of almost being annoying) is “It’s the little things!” For me, sometimes a little thing can be as little as seeing adorable pup pictures.  I’m always down to gaze upon a cute specimen of the canine variety.

So, here is my gift to you!  Just a few pictures that will hopefully brighten your gloomy day.

(P.S. These pictures might even brighten your Thursday or Friday too!)




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