Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#30)

Happy first Wednesday of fall!  (I’m ready for those cooler temperatures, Houston!)

As many of you read in our post about heartworm, I recently took a trip to the Houston SPCA.  I could not believe how many gorgeous animals – puppies and adults alike, purebred and mixed breeds – were there in cages.  People like us (I am assuming you are like me, dear reader) just cannot comprehend condemning a member of our family to that fate.  I cannot think of any circumstance that I would put myself in that would require me to give up my beloved Buffy…but if that horrifying moment ever did occur, I surely would hand select a trusted family member or friend to assume responsibility of parenthood.  Buffy is 100% a member of my family.

Like many other families, mine has quite a few framed pictures scattered about each room.  Most of the rooms in our house contain at least one picture of Buffy.  The only thing I regret about these pictures – I am no photographer!  I have even looked into having professional portraits of Buffy taken (don’t tell my mom!), but let’s be real – this dog walker doesn’t have hundreds of extra dollars lying around…no matter how cute the pictures are sure to be.  That’s why when I received submissions from Slick Click Photography for this week’s W & W Wednesday post, I was skeptical when they shared a link to the “affordablepet portrait page of their site.  I nearly died when I saw the packages started at $60.  And…as you can see from their pictures below (and on their website!) they know what they are doing.

(On a non-pet related topic, they also offer Las Vegas Tourist sessions where they will photograph you on the Strip or at other Vegas landmarks while you are in town on vacation.  How cool is that?!)

But you want to see some of those Slick Click gorgeous pictures!!!!

Just in time for Halloween – this is Morgue! Named after the haunted house she was found next to 13 years ago. What a face!

If you can’t tell, Bella is a fan of her ball. (We here she never puts it down…and we mean NEVER!) What a great keepsake – a photo of your pet with their favorite toy!