Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Another Wednesday!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far.  I’ve been having a bit of a rough time with my diabetes lately (new doctor and new treatment plan,) and I have never been more appreciative of the dogs in my life.  Over the years, I have gotten to know the dogs I walk almost as well as I know my own sweet Buffy…and I think they know me pretty well too.  When I’m down in the dumps, these pups kick up the cuteness, give me extra kisses, and look at me with those knowing eyes as if to say “It’s gonna be OK.”

Sometimes you don’t need words…you just need someone to cuddle up to quietly!

Enjoy these adorable puppy pics!  Please keep the submissions coming all week long: blog@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.

Wags & Whiskers Wednesdays

Yes, it is Wednesday again.  This Wednesday, I find myself sick with a cold.  (I thought I was the first person in history to get a cold in the summer…but after consulting with a few friends, it seems that something is “going around.”)  Oh, well, all the more reason to look at pictures of cute dogs to cheer me!

I have plenty of absolutely adorable dog pics, but if you have any interest in having your pooch posted in one of these fabulous Wags & Whiskers Wednesday posts email blog@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.

Happy Wednesday!