Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#40)

Happy hump day!

I like to talk.  There is no denying I love the chit chat…I can (and do!) have a conversation about anything with anyone.  You are probably wondering how I work primarily with animals all day long.  Just because the conversation is one-sided doesn’t mean I don’t still blabber on!  (Just ask my husband!)  I ask the dogs I walk how they are doing, what their parents are up too, or why they are barking.  And yes, more than occasionally a human will walk by and think I’m simply hilarious.  I like to think the dogs enjoy it!

Now, I have a human to constantly converse with…my son!  I think of the days when he will be able to back talk, or tell me how embarrassing I am.  Those days are far off, and in the mean time, I love to chat with him.  I tell him what I’m doing, what we’re about to do, or why he is being a “silly head”.  If those baby books are right…and talking to your baby increases his vocabulary…my kid is going to ace the SATs by age 2.

The sad thing is, today I found myself narrating what I was doing…out loud… with not a dog or baby in sight!

Time for the cute dog pic of the week….

photo (34)

We know why this pup is named Godiva…so sweet we want to eat her up!

SERIOUSLY!?  Is that even a real dog?!?  Our friends over at Royal Pet Care (@RoyalPetCareLLC) tweeted this picture to us….and I literally said “AWWWW” out loud.  (At least there was a dog nearby; I WAS talking to her!)  They have an awesome pet blog of there own (check it out here!)  All of our dog-and-cat-lovin’-readers in the Boise area should check out their website and give them a call if they are heading out of town!

That one picture contains enough cuteness to last you through the rest of your week!