Redbarn Chews – “Chew-tastic!” (says Buffy the Puppy)

Recently, I was asked to participate in some product testing.  OK, so it was actually Buffy’s opinion that was needed…she got to enjoy taste testing the products while I sat by recording her thoughts.  While I might have been jealous of her having all the fun, I do feel lucky to have been introduced to a new brand of dog products – Redbarn Pet Products.

Before Buffy gave me her feedback, I knew I would be a fan of Redbarn products.  Redbarn realizes the importance of the natural proteins in fresh meat…and understands that most dogs these days just aren’t getting them.  They also know that it isn’t that we don’t want to give our dogs all the nutrients and vitamins  they need – it’s that we just don’t have the time or knowledge to do so!  By feeding your pup Redbarn food or giving your pooch a Redbarn chew,  you are improving their health and making them happy.  (Think Flintstones chewable vitamins.  Remember them? I loved those things!  Mom tricked me into thinking they were candy for years!  This is pretty much the same thing.)

Hurry up and open this already!

Buffy loved the “Bronco Braid.”  The package brags “with added antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system”….so I thought she would hate it.  (I’ve tried plenty of people food with packaging that claims it’s stuffed with extra vitamins/minerals/random healthy stuff.  Most of the time, it’s not good.)  The biggest complement Buffy can give to a treat or chew is to lick it repeatedly before she sinks her teeth in.  (This is how I know she loves the taste.)  She didn’t even seem to notice it was good for her, and she didn’t move until the whole thing was gone. (It lasted her right at half and hour.  Yes…I time how long it takes Buffy to devour chew bones.  I’ve found that this is an important factor to take into account when spending my hard-earned money.  Occupying her for a measly few minutes hardly seems worth it!)  She was also lucky enough to be able to try the “Chew-a-bull” as well.  (This one lasted her less time – about 25 minutes – but she attacked it with more ferocity!)  Both of these products “promote dental health”….and are a lot easier to get in your dog’s mouth than a toothbrush!

A quick Google search showed that their Chew-A-Bulls can be picked up at any pet supply store (or purchased at the numerous online suppliers), but I couldn’t find the Bronco Braids anywhere.  (I’m thinking it might be a new product, or something included in their “Bargain Bag“.)  I spent quite a while on the Redbarn website browsing their products (I think Chewy Louies are the next thing we are going to have to try!)

And I’m sure if you asked your own pup about Redbarn products, he or she would remind you that Christmas is coming…. and chews make great stocking stuffers!