Hol-ee Cow!

As a wee little pup, my dog LOVED to play with just about anything:  rope toys, plush, shoes that you would leave lying around.  Once she began to mature, she started to lose some of her playfulness.  When outside, tennis balls were still a sure way to get her going, but nothing seemed to get her moving like the good ol’ days.  Nothing until I discovered the Hol-ee Roller.

I had seen this toy at several friends’ and clients’ houses and didn’t give it a second thought.  A ball with holes….nothing special.  On a recent trip to Petsmart to buy Buffy a birthday present, though, this toy caught my eye.  Made from 100% natural rubber, this bounce-able toy’s holes make it easy for any size pup to grab onto.  Something new and for only around $6…I decided to give it a try. 

To say that Buffy loves this toy is a complete understatement.  She ADORES it.  It gets her moving like no other toy I have ever seen.  It’s light weight and soft enough I don’t have to worry about throwing it in the house.  It’s durable enough that she can chew on it.  It is one of the few toys I have seen her play with on her own.  (As I am writing this she is running around the house with it in her mouth….dropping it on occasion and then chasing after it!)  She never likes to be too far away from it – even in sleep.  We quickly renamed this toy the “Buffy Ball.”  Buffy will retrieve the “Buffy Ball” for anyone who comes over and utters those magic words.  Just be warned….you are not likely to get rid of her or her favorite toy anytime soon.

I would highly recommend this toy for pups and dogs alike.  Hours (and hours and hours!) of fun for just a few bucks.  Now Buffy is passed out with it in between her front paws….any toy that can wear my dog out and keep her happy is worth every penny!