Holiday Gift Idea – For the Kiddos (and Dachshund Lovers!)

I cannot believe the holidays are right around the corner!

I personally am not a big shopper.  I’ve always been one of those go-into-one-store-for-ONE-thing shoppers.  Christmas can be a bit overwhelming for me…and this year with a 6 month old I decided to get things done early.  (I always say I’m going to shop early…but this year I actually did!) 

While I do enjoy buying (and looking for great deals) online, there is just something fun about flipping through the pages of a catalog.  I love it!  So, as I find great pet themed gifts, I’m going to post them here.  I would LOVE for you to post things you come across that I (along with all those fabulous Wags & Whiskers Blog readers!) might be interested in.  Just cut and paste those links in the comment section (or if it’s something too good to not get it’s own post, email me –

Not only fun….but maybe we can help each other find unique gifts for our pet-loving loved ones.  


Look at this that I found at Olivia and Cocoa!  The “Silly Sausage Dog & Book” (item #3596 – $58.)  I love the way this gift comes packaged.  How perfect would this be for a dachshund mama or papa (or any of us dog lovers with a human kiddo to buy for!)