Is That A Weasel Riding a Woodpecker?



Have you seen this picture?  I came across it on the Houston SPCA blog…and I thought it was too awesome not to share.

First of all – that’s a woodpecker…a GREEN woodpecker (pretty cool, huh?)  And that is a baby weasel riding it.  Now, unfortunately, this picture was captured out in real-life nature (and not a Disney film) – so the weasel is trying to kill the woodpecker…but what an amazing shot!

Fortunately, the woodpecker did escape the encounter unharmed.  

The picture was taken by an amateur photographer named Martin Le-May who happened to witness this amazing site while out for a stroll in London.  Read what he has to say about the whole ordeal here.


Stunning Photos of Photographers’ Daughter with Animals

Many of you have probably already seen these amazing pictures…but even if you have, they are worth a second look.  The pictures were taken in Nambia, Africa by French nature photographers who decided to raise their daughter, Tippi, alongside the native people and animals of the land.


Tippi: My Book of Africa is a book chronicling Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degre first ten years of life as she was raised in the African bush.  She lived in a tent with her two parents…but had the freedom to roam among nature and animals.  She was therefore always at ease with animals; she had no fear.

Not only are the pictures visually stunning, but they also make you ponder how differently lives are led across the globe.  Makes you wonder if we really need all this “stuff” to be happy (says the girl typing on her brand new Mac Book Pro.)   Makes you realize how natural our relationship with animals can be…if we are raised to believe it should be so.

If anything they are simply beautiful shots to please your eye and get you going this Monday morning,  Enjoy!









See the more information and many more beautiful pictures here or here.