Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#22)

Happy midway through the work week!

I recently got around to watching One Nation Under Dog (did NOT like it…but my opinion on that must be saved for another post.)  At the end of the documentary, statistics are thrown out at you (as if you weren’t already depressed enough!)  Only 20% of dogs in American homes come from a shelter.  I have heard this stat before – I find it appalling, heartbreaking, and enraging all at once. (And sad, of course.  Incredibly sad.)  Ironically, the ASPCA estimates 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred.

With these percentages fresh on my mind, I checked Facebook this morning only to find myself gazing upon pictures of pups from my favorite local rescue group, Pup Squad.  (I LOVE them…but my wonderfully high opinion on that must be saved for another post!  In the meantime, check out their website and Facebook page.) One dog especially caught my eye…so I decided to feature him, along with other way-to-adorable-to-not-have-forever-homes pups.  Let them bring a smile to your Wednesday…and if you happen to have a friend without a dog (ok, ok, we know you aren’t actually FRIENDS with people who don’t have dogs…maybe a co-worker?  a neighbor??  crazy uncle???) send them a link to this post to get them headed to a shelter ASAP.

Leo (currently with Pup Squad Cypress) – great with dogs and kids. Look at how friendly and relaxed this guy looks! He is the one that stole my heart…I love a pup with a beard.

Through Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue (One of my Twitter friends – @AtlPitRescue) I found Friends to the Forlorn…which is where I found this guy, Scotty. Oh. My.. Gosh. That ear!!! This 3 year old sweetheart (currently residing in Dallas, GA) needs a forever home STAT!

Here is Betty…who I found while poking around the ASPCA site! Currently being cared for by Mutt and Lab Rescue (in Staten Island, NY), she is “mature” and is good with dogs, people…and even CATS! How did this sweet girl end up in a kill shelter? She is a beautiful lab.

If you are affiliated with a rescue group or shelter and would like us to spotlight your organization or feature a dog or cat in your care that needs a home – please email jessica@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.  We want to help however we can!

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