Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#26)

Happy mid-week, all you puppy lovers!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  I dread going to the doctor (who doesn’t?!) and therefore usually drag a family member along with me for moral support (and entertainment in the waiting room.)  This morning, though, no one was available!  (The audacity of these people to not clear their schedules!!)  As this was my first time seeing this particular doctor, I was especially nervous.  I got up before the alarm and found myself ready to roll WAY too early.  I paced.  I cleaned.  I read.  I drank another cup of coffee. I checked my email (again.) Basically – I was nuts.

Buffy knew something was up.  Obviously she couldn’t understand what was making me act this way…but she knew something was troubling me.  She was the poster child for dogs everywhere.  She managed to keep her own morning routine while never being more than a few feet from me.  She laid at my feet while I ate my cereal.  She sat outside the bathroom while I perfected my ponytail.  She even skipped her morning backyard romp to sit in the kitchen while I loaded the dishes.  Number 2,394,204 why I love dogs – They know when you need them; you don’t even have to ask.  

So let’s look at some cute pup pictures!  It’s what every Wednesday needs!  (And if your pooch needs to update their look, make sure you check out the first post in our new Style Sniffer section!)




Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#22)

Happy midway through the work week!

I recently got around to watching One Nation Under Dog (did NOT like it…but my opinion on that must be saved for another post.)  At the end of the documentary, statistics are thrown out at you (as if you weren’t already depressed enough!)  Only 20% of dogs in American homes come from a shelter.  I have heard this stat before – I find it appalling, heartbreaking, and enraging all at once. (And sad, of course.  Incredibly sad.)  Ironically, the ASPCA estimates 25% of dogs in shelters are purebred.

With these percentages fresh on my mind, I checked Facebook this morning only to find myself gazing upon pictures of pups from my favorite local rescue group, Pup Squad.  (I LOVE them…but my wonderfully high opinion on that must be saved for another post!  In the meantime, check out their website and Facebook page.) One dog especially caught my eye…so I decided to feature him, along with other way-to-adorable-to-not-have-forever-homes pups.  Let them bring a smile to your Wednesday…and if you happen to have a friend without a dog (ok, ok, we know you aren’t actually FRIENDS with people who don’t have dogs…maybe a co-worker?  a neighbor??  crazy uncle???) send them a link to this post to get them headed to a shelter ASAP.

Leo (currently with Pup Squad Cypress) – great with dogs and kids. Look at how friendly and relaxed this guy looks! He is the one that stole my heart…I love a pup with a beard.

Through Atlanta Pit Bull Rescue (One of my Twitter friends – @AtlPitRescue) I found Friends to the Forlorn…which is where I found this guy, Scotty. Oh. My.. Gosh. That ear!!! This 3 year old sweetheart (currently residing in Dallas, GA) needs a forever home STAT!

Here is Betty…who I found while poking around the ASPCA site! Currently being cared for by Mutt and Lab Rescue (in Staten Island, NY), she is “mature” and is good with dogs, people…and even CATS! How did this sweet girl end up in a kill shelter? She is a beautiful lab.

If you are affiliated with a rescue group or shelter and would like us to spotlight your organization or feature a dog or cat in your care that needs a home – please email jessica@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.  We want to help however we can!

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Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#20)

Happy 4th of July!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Last week was a very exciting one at my house.  Buffy, my husband, and I all celebrated our birthdays right in a row.  It was a week full of family, cake…and of course presents!

I was lucky enough to receive a new iPhone from my wonderful parents.  My old iPhone was…um…busted. (That’s an understatement!)   To someone who is pounding the pavement with pups all day (or on her way to do so!) – your phone is pretty much all you have.  For everything:  Facebook, client emails, checking in on the blog, seeing if I need rain boots, chatting with mom…EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  I should have my own  iPhone commercial.  (There is no way Samuel L. Jackson uses his iPhone more than I do!)

If you are a regular reader of Wags & Whiskers Wednesday…you know where this is going.  My phone takes (lots and lots of) pictures.  And while I didn’t actually run the numbers, I can estimate with some confidence that 90% of the pics on my old phone were of dogs (with a few kitties sprinkled in.)  I’ve decided to share some of my (many) favorites with you.  A few of these you might have seen before…through Twitter or Instagram…but I think they’ll still put a smile on your face.

So here is why I love my job….

(If you don’t follow me on Instagram…you really should – JKnight311)

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#15)

Happy first Wednesday in the new house (to me!)

It has been far too long since I have posted, and I want to apologize to all my readers.  Unfortunately, when one is in the middle of a move while juggling one’s own business…blogging (though the most enjoyable task) gets knocked to the bottom of the to do list.  I do appreciate all my Twitter friends that offered advice on what worked for them when moving with their pooch.  I am happy to report that Buffy did wonderfully with the transition.  Not only is she enjoying much more indoor space to run around and spread her toys, she is also loving her backyard.  (Although she is not too fond of the absolute darkness in the corners where our porch light doesn’t reach.)

Now, with all the boxes unpacked (Ha! We all know that’s not true!) I should have much more time to sit down and write.  I have about 1,001 ideas for posts…and I’m excited to get at it.  As always, please feel free to let me know if you read a story, use a product, or hear about something dog (or cat!) related that I must know about.

But enough about me!  Let’s get to the cute pics!!!

David emailed this picture in of his girl, Lola. Apparently, she is quite fond of her water bowl and likes to make sure she beats her brother to it post-walk!


This might be one of the cutest pictures we have received. Here are George and his kitty pal, Flecks. I can feel the love! Thanks so much to Joanne of Animal Craziness for sharing this truly heartwarming pictures!


Sorry! Just had to include one shot of Buffy in action…enjoying her backyard!

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#7)

Wishes for a happy Wednesday to you all!

I’ve never been overly concerned with Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it’s because I spent so many of them single, but I think it’s more to do with the silliness of it all.  Do I really need another day of the year to give and receive cards, gifts, and sweets from my husband?  Do we really need to shell out our hard earned dollars to eat a fancy meal?  I was content to stay in last night and eat a wonderfully delicious dinner at home … that way I could spend this holiday not only with my husband, but with my equally loved pup.   As Pablo (that would be my husband) was making supper (YUM!) and I was relaxing with my margarita, Buffy (that would be my pup…but you probably already knew that) sat sweetly at my feet.  On a day meant for celebrating love of all kinds – I couldn’t think of a more perfect picture.

Speaking of perfect pictures….


Meet Ziva.  This black lab/Australian kelpie mix is forever energetic and ridiculously cute.  She love to run…especially if there is a ball involved.  And as if one adorable pup was not enough (it never is!), below is her sis, Abby.  Abby’s got some energy too. (They are only 7 months old after all.)  Abby loves to chase after Ziva and loves to give her sister sweet puppy kisses.  Kim was nice enough to share these pics with us – although with these two pups we are wondering how she found the time to email!  She says that she couldn’t decide which one of these two lovely ladies was cuter….after careful consideration here at Wags & Whiskers, we have to declare a tie!


Tisen - happy & healthy!

Our next featured pooch this week is Tisen.  Reading Tisen’s story made me once again remember why dogs are so amazing – and how much we can learn from them.  Before being lucky enough to be fostered and eventually adopted by Dianne, Tisen was being starved to death ON PURPOSE!  I consider this blog a happy place, and I do not want to post the picture of a starving Tisen, but pictures are posted on McKamey Animal Center’s Facebook page here.  (Just a warning – I found the before picture VERY upsetting.)   After seeing those pictures, I had to get the full story (posted on Dianne’s blog, www.nomadicmainstream.com) While the story sickened me (I cannot believe ANYONE would actually STARVE a dog), I was so happy to know that Tisen had found such a wonderful, loving forever home.  No pup deserved it more!  If Tisen can not only forgive and move on with his life, but learn to love again as well – what excuse do we have???  Thank you for sharing such an amazing story with us, Dianne!

As always, if you have a story, a shelter….or just a really REALLY cute pictures of your dog or cat, please send them our way.  Read up on our submission guidelines and then get to emailin’!

We had to throw in just one more Tisen pic!

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#6)

Yay for Wednesdays!  The week is half over!

We got some awesomely adorable submissions for this weeks Wags & Whiskers Wednesday post.  If you are reading this paw-some blog, we assume that you are a dog (or cat!) lover.  If you are a dog (or cat!) lover, we assume that you have a cute picture (Who are we kidding?  We assume you have a few hundred!) of your four-legged furry little love.  Make sure to hit up our submission guidelines page to read about how your furbaby can become a star.

Without further ado….

Meet Cory!  This picture came to us from one of our fab Twitter friends, Mistina Rae.  (Make sure to follow her on Twitter – @SunsetWatersGem.)   Cory is a retired German Pointer (and looks like he is enjoying his retirement!)  We love those eyes…he is a beautiful boy!

Regular readers if this blog know we are a huge dachshund fans.  When we  saw this picture of Mortimer, we  just about died from the cuteness!  He just look like a Mortimer!!  Then we heard that Mortimer (ok, actually Emily) has a blog.  The name of the blog, you ask??  The Wiener Takes it All.  We love the name – and LOVE the blog.  Pooch pics, book recommendations, and even some dog fashion pointers!  (And we might just have to buy Mortimer that tweed hat!)

And finally…meet Koda!

Fellow dog lover Denise sent us these pictures, and they just about melted our hearts!  Denise somehow manages to find the time to run a kennel free boarding facility (House of Dog in the Vancouver area.  In our opinion, if you ever have to leave town without your pooch – but don’t want to leave them home alone – kennel free places are definitely the way to go.)  She also volunteers (AND fosters) pups for Dogwood Rescue.  Dogwood Rescue is one of those amazing organizations that works with other rescue groups to try and make sure no dogs end up in kill shelters.  (Even though they are in Canada, they help out our own American homeless pups too.)  But back Koda!  This little lady came into Denise’s life at the absolute right moment (dogs just have a way of doing that, don’t they?)  Below you can see her palling around with Sadie (one of Denise’s fosters that found her forever home last December.)  Make sure to you are following House of Dog on Twitter and Facebook (and Dogwood Rescue too!)

Wow!  We packed a lot into this Wags & Whiskers Wednesday!  Hope the rest of your week is pup-tastic!