Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#27)

Are you ready for some (Wednesday night) football??

Really, Molly? Why when I ask you to sit do you go to the stairs and put your booty on a high step? Why?!

I think one of the main reason why dogs are fascinating is that  – though they live in our homes and we spend so much time with them every day – some of their behavior still remains a mystery.

Take Buffy for example:  Buffy loves her “retriever roll” chew bones.  You can literally see her face light up when she is presented with one.  As a puppy, she would immediately devour the whole thing in one go…moments after it touched her lips.  Now, she will carry the same bone around for days:  She will lay it next to her while she sleeps.  She will present it to me when I get home from work.  She will set it on the windowsill while she keeps a watchful eye on the neighborhood.  Then, randomly, she will decide she is ready for a good chew and go to town, but she will NEVER chew it when she is home alone.  (Just today, I got home from work to find her snoozing on the couch.  After welcoming me home, she went straight to the bone she was given last night.  It was as if she was waiting for me to get home to chew!)

I just wish she could tell me why!

(I would love to hear about some other….um….”eccentric” behavior that you see in your pooch!)

Now…let’s look at some cute dog pics!  And for all you cat lovers out there – a few shots of a recently rescued kitty that is just about the cutest (craziest?!) thing ever!