Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#24)

Happy middle-of-August (and my first Wednesday back from vacation!)

Ah, vacations.  Who doesn’t love them?  This one that I just returned from was especially wonderful – not only did I get to see lots of old friends, I got to see one of my oldest, dearest, SWEETEST friends in the whole world get married.  (I’m a sucker for weddings – especially when I get to be a bridesmaid.)  The vacation was the perfect mix of sightseeing, gossiping, and letting loose.

Ah, but then reality hits.  Back home – back to work – back to laundry and grocery shopping and taking out the trash.  I always get a little bummed.

And I WAS bummed….until Buffy came bounding in the door.  I will never feel as loved as I do the moment Buffy sees me after being away for a week.  It is unbridled, unapologetic JOY!  Little whimpers escaping as she runs from me to my husband…tail going 90-to-nothing.  I can almost hear her saying “You’re home!!!  YOU’RE HOME!!!!”  She doesn’t care where I went…she doesn’t care how long I was gone…I’m home now.  That’s all that matters.  (And that’s reason #1,349,847 why I LOVE dogs.)

But you aren’t visiting this blog to hear about my happy reunion.  You are here, no doubt, to look at adorable pictures of pooches.  (What else is the internet for?!?)  So, let’s do this!

(Don’t forget – you can submit your own pup picture!!  Don’t you want to show all your friends how amazingly awesome your dog is?  Read our submission guidelines here and then get to emailin’!) 

First up, Faith! This Great Dane/Lab mix is just too cute for words. Look at those eyebrows!!! Thanks to Lauren for the pic (be sure to follow her on Twitter – @laurenjaceny – for more adorable pictures and puppy tweets!)

Blog reader Jessica sent us this shot of Celia. If you can’t tell…she LOVES her toy! She is definitely keeping her eyes on the prize. (I think all of us lab mommies & daddies can relate.)

As soon as I saw these last two pictures from Jill (@LuvAndEmma), all I could think of was SLEEPING BEAUTY! Meet Emma…who has one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen.

Ok…just one more of Emma.  Emma’s use to being photographed – she is a model for her own line of amazing dog towels!  Check out Luv & Emma.