Please HELP! Found Dog in Houston!

Husky Found Vet

This beautiful guy was found last Friday (October 17th) near Montrose here in Houston.  He was lucky enough to have found dog lover (and all around wonderful lady) Laura who immediately took him to Central Houston Animal Hospital.  He is not microchiped or neutered but unfortunately is heart worm positive (treatment has been started.)

People are guessing he is a Husky or white German Shepard…and he is got a set of those amazing different colored eyes (right is brown and left is parti-eyed…blue, white, AND brown.)  He is 55 pounds and young (most likely around 1-2 years)…but more importantly he is SUPER sweet.  He has interacted with many people and dogs, and he has been friendly with everyone.  On a walk, he didn’t even go nuts when he saw a cat (which is more than I can say for most of the dogs I walk!)

Laura is not able to adopt this guy right now….and yet she still stopped to help him.  Knowing that she was unable to take him in herself – she still loaded him up, got him to the vet, and started heart worm treatment.  This woman is a saint!  

Can you help us find a forever home for this amazing dog?  Even a foster??  If you could even spread the word about this amazing animal, we would really appreciate it.  Email a pic to your dog lovin’ friends, put a link to this post up on social media….or spread the word the old fashioned way and just TALK to someone!

Please leave comments below with any advice…or just to give Laura some words of encouragement.  If you know of a rescue group or individual who is interested…or would like more information, please email

THANKS!  Let’s all work together – we all know this guy (like all animals) deserves a loving, caring home!

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#25)

Happy 235th day of the year!

This week has been hectic.  A little too hectic, and it’s all because of work.  Between vacationing clients, daily dog walks, new client meetings, and boring office work…I feel like I’m pretty much working 24 hours a day.  I’m hot.  I’m tired.  I’m cranky.  UGH!

Then…I remember what my job is.  Loving pets.  That is literally what I get paid to do.  I get paid to love on, care for, play with people’s babies while they are away.  There are worse jobs.

Take a look at who I’m spending time with this week…

Sometimes, when you see a cute face like this every day, you start to take it for granted.


Back to school means teachers’ dogs are back to walkin’! This is Ruby…I hadn’t seen her in months. She is my heart.


My new BFF, Bama. I don’t think you can tell how big he is from this pic, but he is a big boy. A big, sweet, ball of LOVE that is! (Enjoying some sun in the shot.)


I hate pictures of myself, but this one of me and Bama was too cute not to post. We both hope the rest of your week is filled with long walks and lots of tail wags.