Dogs in the News – Stories You Need to Read

Over the weekend, I read too many dog related news stories to keep them all to myself.  Here are a few of my favorites – ranging from completely insane to incredibley heartwarming.

A girl in San Diego is trying to get information about her lost dog by holding up signs on the side of a busy road.  Why is this news?  Well, the girl is hot…and is wearing only a bikini and heels.  So far, no luck on finding her little Chihuahua, Chispita…but anyone with info should call (760) 702-2718.

Another insane story involving a pooch?  How about the nut who, dressed as Frosty the Snowman, asalted a police dog.  Henzo was on duty at a Christmas parade when Kevin Michael Walsh kicked him.  This wacko then went on to hit two other policemen (one with the head of his Frosty costume.) Seriously??  You couldn’t make this stuff up!

In happy news, a report on Lucas (one of Michael Vick’s meanest and most abused dogs) showed up on the internet last week.  Lucas has been living at Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary…and four years later he is a total sweetheart.  To the people who have been working with him day in and day out, “Lucas is Exhibit A in the argument that all dogs are good dogs if they’re treated well.”  When the pit bulls were taken from Vick’s compound, many people (including dog professionals) thought that all the dogs should be put down without any evaluation or exception.  Thank you, Lucas, for showing the world that everyone (dogs included!) deserve a second chance.

Many of you have probably heard about the puppy, Hero, who was brought back from Iraq to help the family of Justin Rollins.  Justin, who was killed in March of 2007 had found a litter of newborn puppies the night before he was killed.  Pictures he emailed home to his loved ones included him loving on the adorable pups…and the Rollins family became determined to adopt one of the dogs to help them greive and feel closer to Justin.  The picture below was captured by ABC news.  Completely unedited, un-Photoshopped…this picture took my breath away.  (Ok, actually made me cry if I’m being truthful.)  I don’t know what this illustrates…but to me it’s a not-so-subtle sign that God answers prayers in all sorts of ways.  (Oh, and that dogs truly are a gift from God!)