Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#9)

Happy Leap Day!

The insanity of last week has somehow carried over to this one.  I love being my own boss and having my own (successful, if I do say so myself!) company….but I do miss the days when I could take a personal day or tell my higher-ups I had too much on my plate.  Now, all I can do is complain to my loving family.  (Thank you, loving family!)

Then today, I found reason #1,643,867 why I love dogs staring me (literally!) in the face.  Dogs so easily and so perfectly point out all the things we are missing in the world around us.  All those little things that we either don’t notice or are too busy to care about.  This morning, running late as usual and not nearly as caffeinated as I should be, Buffy and I were out on a potty mission.  “What is that ANNOYING noise?!?” I thought.  Then I looked down at Buffy and noticed she was standing uncharacteristically still, focused on the little song bird.  If this pup could stop (fighting every evolutionary response that said “eat that bird for breakfast!“) and enjoy the tune – I could too, darn it!  So I spent the rest of this day – that only comes once every 4 years – paying extra attention to my four-legged companions.  I saw how much they enjoy just getting some fresh air, how much they appreciate company (mine and other pups’)….and how sometimes just the tiniest little treat can make their day.

It seemed fitting to feature pictures today that illustrate some of the things my canine clientele reminded me of today….

Take the path YOU want to take (even if you have to fight - in this case a kitty - to do so!)


True friends will stick by you no matter what (even when you think you've outgrown them!)


Sometimes, it's ok to break the rules!


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