Friday’s Fido Film (September 5, 2014)

A dear friend of mine sent this video my way.  She was my roommate in New York City and knew me at a time in my life when the only animals I could keep were mice and hamsters.  (Tiny NYC apartments!)  (Although later, at one point, we were living in a tiny NYC apartment with 3 cats.)

While some gals (and some guys for that matter!) think that little critters are gross…I always thought they were nothing but cute and cuddly.  This video reminds me of my sweet teddy bear hamster, Petunia.

Even if you’ve never had a hamster of your own…you have to admit this video is ADORABLE.  (It also manages to incorporate another love of mine – burritos!)

Friday’s Fido Film (August 29, 2014)

This is what heaven must be like.

A public pool in Nampa, Idaho holds a pool party every year at their public pool to raise money for their dog park.  Not only do I think that is a GREAT idea…I think this is just the thing you needed to make you smile this Friday!

Check out the Nampa Parks & Rec dog park page here.

Friday’s Fido Film (July 11, 2014)

I found this video FASCINATING!

How many times have we watched our pups drink water?  I never knew quite what was going on…but this slow motion video shows exactly how your pooch is getting that refreshing drink of H2O.  Is it just me, or is this strangely beautiful?

What amazing bodies our dogs (and we humans) have!

Friday’s Fido Film (March 21, 2014)

Surreal Dog

So this Friday…I decided make Friday’s Fido Film about photography instead of informative/often-adorable dog videos. (Remember?)  If you haven’t already seen them, these gorgeous surreal photographs are by Sarolta Bán. Bán is an artist from Budapest who manipulates pictures to create images that are…stunning?  fantastical?…really the only word to describe them is surreal.

In an quest to ensure shelter animals be seen – she created a collection featuring homeless animals.  I love them.  

Not only are the pictures incredible…they convey a sense of wonder rather than one of pity.  (I feel like some rescue organizations post pictures that are heartbreaking and pitiful – not pictures that encourage people to adopt.)  To me (and that’s the beauty of art…isn’t it?…you might feel differently), the images remind me that we will never know the world through a dog’s eyes…that they each have their own personality…that they dream.

Whether you appreciate them for simply their aesthetic or for the greater animal cause they are trying to shed light on, there is no doubt that these pictures are incredible.





(I wouldn’t even consider myself a surrealist fan – but Sarolta Bán’s pictures are quite amazing.  Check out her website here and more about her work with dogs here.)

Friday’s Fido Film (January 17, 2014)

I can’t remember who sent this to me (as you can imagine – every friend/family member/blog reader/client sends me dog videos and pictures…and I LOVE that!), but this should make your Friday.  I wouldn’t mind having one of these guys around.

After you finish this video…your going to want to head over to Jesse’s YouTube Channel and subscribe immediately.  This little guy even has his own website.  (I can see why!)

That’s one smart Jack Russell!

Friday’s Fido Film (August 30, 2013)

Something to warm your heart this Friday. A beautifully done video with a perfect score. As I was watching it, I called Buffy over to the computer so I could give her kisses and thank her for being the wonderful animal that she is.

Savor every moment you have with your pets. Give them extra love/attention/rounds of fetch this weekend!!