Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

What a week so far!  I had the pleasure of going to meet a new client last night…only to have someone back into my car while I was meeting the new pup.  (UGH!  They did stop and give me their information, though.  Still, car problems are the worst!)  At least my new clients had an adorable boxer puppy.

On a happier, more exciting note – we here at Wags & Whiskers have fallen in love with Flash Gordon Pet Tags.  So wonderfully unique and run by some great guys.  You should definitely take a second to check out their website.  When you find something you love (and I know you will!) use the coupon code we posted in our blog to get 10% off.  (That’s just for Wags & Whiskers readers and clients…don’t you feel special!)

But enough of all that!  Let’s get to the cute pooches!

We have fallen in love with Flash Gordon (shown here modeling one if his tags.) What a model!

Cotton the Blue Toy Poodle! We had never seen anything like this pooch! Be sure to like her on Facebook and check out her online store….it’s “blue-ti-ful!”

…and speaking of models, Scarlett modeling one of my new doggy knit designs. Hopefully you will see them up soon on Etsy!

Make your dog more FLASHY – Flash Gordon Pet ID Tags (they even gave us a coupon code!)

I spend a lot of time with dogs.  If I’m not with a dog, I’m probably reading a book about a dog.  If I’m not reading a book about a dog, I’m probably doing research for an article or working on this blog….about dogs.  I pride myself on being “in the know” about pooches – whether it be new training methods, health discoveries, or products.  There isn’t a leash I haven’t used or a treat I haven’t (ok, my dog hasn’t!) tried.



Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered Flash Gordon Pet ID tags.  It is no exaggeration to say I have seen thousands of dog tags, and not one of them has ever looked as unique and amazing as these.  I’ve seen lots of fancy tags – but most of them are for little foo foo dogs – and most of them have some sort of rhinestones in them.  Flash Gordon’s tags are….well, to quote their website “incredibly durable

3D Heart Pet ID Tag

3D Heart Pet ID Tag

and will not scratch or break.”  In other words, they are good for ALL dogs…even big dogs who are going to play rough at the dog park.  These tags are 3D!  3D!  How cool is that?

I encourage you to visit their website and poke around for yourself.  I guarantee Flash Gordon’s designs are nothing like anything you have seen before.  Plus, Flash himself can be seen modeling each tag design.  Cute dogs and awesome dog tags….do you really need any more excuses to check out Flash Gordon….

Cutout Heart and Bone Dog ID Tag (my personal favorite!)

Cutout Heart and Bone Dog ID Tag

3D Pet ID Tag (simple yet stylish)

3D Pet ID Tag (simple yet stylish)

…and if you do need one more excuse: AWESOME OFFER FOR WAGS & WHISKERS CUSTOMERS AND BLOG READERS!  Get 10% off at checkout with coupon code wagswhiskers.  (Don’t forget, dogs need Christmas presents too!)