Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#37)

Happy mid-week!

I always felt sorry for families without pets.  Well, let’s be honest – I didn’t just pity them…I wondered what the heck was wrong with them!  I can understand busy parents not wanting to take on a pack of dogs (in addition to a pack of children), but a cat?  A guinea pig??  A mouse???  It seems like such a fundamental part of family life- something that every child should experience.  I always wondered what would become of those kiddos that grew up in a house where everyone walked on two legs.  Could they ever truly become “dog people” or “cat people”?

The answer is YES!  I realized in a recent conversation with my husband that they absolutely, positively can become pet lovers.  I must admit, the fact that my husband lived in…and had always lived in…a pet-less home was a big concern for me.  Could I love a man who did not love a dog?  I have never in my 31 years lived without a pet.  (Except for maybe the first month after I moved to New York City.  Poor and living in a tiny TINY apartment in the Village I lasted about 30 days before I went out and bought myself a pair of mice.  I took them everywhere with me – they even flew home with me for holidays.  Those two little mice…well, they are another story all together!)

My husband now is officially converted, though I will never know if it was by me or by our first (of what is surely too be many) pets, Buffy.  Even he now freely admits he doesn’t understand households without dogs.   I even know one or two friends who, despite a canine-free upbringing, now are what one even might call “crazy dog people.”  It warms my heart to know that – despite your age – you are never too old to be ensnared by the love of a dog.

Not so hard to believe if you look at these faces…


photo 1 (14)

photo 2 (13)

photo (31)