Deaf Bulldog Rockin’ Out (Viral Video!)

If you haven’t seen the newest viral video…you definitely should take a minute to watch.

Who doesn’t like seeing a dog rock out to some tunes?  What’s amazing about Winston, the English bulldog, is that he is actually DEAF.  Jamynne Bowles, the bulldog’s mama, got her friend Ashland Miller to jam on an acoustic guitar…but as you’ll see in the video, it’s actually Winston who does the jammin’.

Winston apparently can feel the vibrations of the guitar.  Of course, there are some internet haters who insist that what you see is coincidence…or simply a booty itch.  Looks like his moves sync up a little too perfectly for all that, though.  What do you think?


Are you (and your pup) ready for some (fantasy) football?

My brother (a.k.a. #1 Met's fan) might get a dog just so he can buy this

I spend a lot of time on my computer.  (One might even say too much time.)  This weekend, though, my time spent staring at my computer screen was for a good reason – fantasy football.  Ah, football, how I have missed you.   Being from Texas, football truly is a way of life.  College or pro…Monday night or Saturday afternoon…it really does not matter to me.  I love it all.

No...I did not draft any Texans

What else do I love?  I love dogs.  There is nothing I love more than seeing two things I love smooshed into one, and that is why I love Sugar Chic.

The only other thing Buffy would need is one of the corn hats

In one of my Google, Twitter, Facebook sessions, I came across this website.  (I now follow them on Twitter – @SugarChic) I look at a ridiculous number of dog products sites and catalogs, and to be quite honest – they start to blend together a lot of the time.  Sugar Chic, though, has something that a lot of places don’t – sports gear for your pup!  They even have NCAA team gear!  (Only one Texas item…that was a bit disappointing!) They have everything: leashes, bowls, cheerleader outfits, jersey’s, shirts, and toys.  I definitely recommend you taking a look around their website ( to prepare your pup for the season.

Another reason Sugar Chic caught my eye is that they carry a wide variety of sizes – not just XS and S.  I’ve noticed a lot of stores think that chihuahua parents are the only ones who like their pups to look cute.  It’s true, I’m not going to dress my lab up in a tutu, but I wouldn’t mind putting a little something-or-other on her  every now and then.

The Sugar Chic site has many other adorable items that at the very least have unique names (Chewy Vuiton!) Their Dog Costume’s page featured some Halloween duds that are better than your average (and many times stereotypical and overdone) outfits.  My only complaint would again be that their largest size costume fits a 20-25 pound dog.

And for those of you who are interested, my fantasy draft went quite well.  I definitely consider it a success.  Buffy sat at my feet as I put together what (I hope) will be my dream team.  She only stirred when I drafted Matthew Stafford (who could blame her???), but once I assured her he was just warming my bench she went back to sleep.