My Kind of Party

As I grow older, I am less inclined to go out and be social….and more excited to spend time at home with an amazing book (currently Storm of Swords by J.R.R. Martin) in my pjs, looking up about every 2 minutes to see what adorable pose Buffy has managed to contort herself into while sleeping.  If not at home, I am perfectly content to work.  (Work being pretty much the same thing – except at a different house with a dog whose parents are out of town.)  You wouldn’t exactly call me Miss Social Butterfly.  So when Buffy and I got the invite to go to a dog birthday party, I was a bit more excited than I let on.  This seemed the perfect way to blend what I’m comfortable with and what I love (dogs!) with my new year’s resolution (have/make friends!)

Look at all that space to play - and that is just one corner!

Pico’s 1st birthday was being celebrated at The Boneyard.  (Many of you will remember Pico from his adorable Christmas picture featured in the holiday edition of Wags & Whiskers Wednesday!)  The Boneyard is AWESOME!  Sure, I’ve been to dog parks.  Yeah, I might be lame…but I have been to my fair share of bars.  Dogs + dog lovers/friends + mimosas = THE BEST BAR EVER!  All the dogs present (not just Pico’s friends) were polite and social.  And let’s face it – if I’m going to chit-chat with strangers at a bar, these are the people I want to be talking to – hip, fun, friendly….and attached to their dogs.

The birthday boy!

The only surprise of the day?  Buffy!  She wasn’t aggressive or even fearful, but she never ventured more than a few feet from me.  While the other dogs would run and play (Boneyard has lots of open space for just that) Buffy was content to watch the action sitting right next to me.  I would love to know what you think of that.  She’s been to dog parks, and while she isn’t overly friendly, she usually finds a pal or two to roam with.  My best guess is that it was a new place with a lot going on….I’ve definitely gone to parties where all I did was sit in the corner with the only person I knew.

Buffy at the Boneyard sitting next to me at our table

Buffy and I will definitely be going back to the Boneyard soon.  Houstonians, I highly reccommend it!  I would love to hear about similar dog friendly establishments here but especially in other towns.  Based on your opinions, maybe I can feature more of them here!