Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#29)

Happy last Wednesday of Summer!

So, I’m taking an informal survey.  (All my Twitter followers have seen the tweets!)  How many people sing to their dogs?  While I might try to claim I am asking in the name of scientific research…I really just want to know if I’m weird.  Buffy seems to especially like the show tunes I sing while cleaning.  She doesn’t even criticize me when I hit a wrong note.

And while you’re question-answering frame of mind….let us know if there is a specific dog brand or product that is fabulous but unknown.  We are always looking for new finds (especially with Christmas sneaking up on us.)

We accept submissions for Wags & Whiskers Wednesday all week!  Check out the submission guidelines here.  And now, the pictures you’ve all been waiting for…




Thank you, dog lover! (Enjoy this 15% off Dog Tuff coupon code)

I want to thank YOU!  Yes, you…you who read this blog, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

This week, Wags and Whiskers Houston (@WandWHouston) hit the milestone of 1,000 followers on Twitter!  What an accomplishment!  At  the same time, the blog has been gaining more followers and getting more views with every passing week.  Most exciting for me personally, though, is that I am able to share my experience and knowledge of dogs with you.  The great thing about the internet is that the communication is not just a one way street.  I read every comment, email, Tweet, and wall post.  Not only do I find myself learning from your experiences, but I also am learning what I need to learn more about!

So I want all of you to enjoy a THANK YOU gift….

The fabulously generous people over at Dog Tuff want you to enjoy 15% off ALL toys, collars, leashes, and pet IDs.  If you don’t know much about Dog Tuff, read up about them and check out how awesome they were to Wags & Whiskers readers in December.    Basically all you need to know is this – they are dog lovers themselves who sell name brand dog products at up to 60% off (and that’s before you get your extra 15%!)  Now, this discount is good through the end of the month, but you can’t combined this coupon with any of there other offers (like free shipping…but they are only going to charge you $3.99 to ship whatever you purchase.  How many websites can boast that?!)  Just use coupon code WW15 when you check out.

So once again THANK YOU for all your support, advice, and encouragement.  Most importantly – thank you for loving your pets!

This is what my own pup is going to be getting to celebrate our Twitter milestone. (Only $6.59 for the medium size with the coupon code!!)

PAW-LIDAY Deals….who wants to save some money?


Call me presumptuous, but I’m guess that you want to save some money.  ESPECIALLY at this time of year!  Let’s face it – we all buy our dogs and cats Christmas or Hanukkah presents.  Well, maybe not ALL of us, but I’m guessing if you are reading this blog you spoil your pooch just a bit.

So, we here at Wags & Whiskers came up with a great idea!  We call it PAW-LIDAY Deals!  From now until Christmas, we are going to be posting some amazing coupon codes to help save you money on all your pet needs (maybe we should say WANTS instead of NEEDS.)  In addition to saving you some cash, we will also be introducing you to some companies and websites that you might not have heard of.  This will give you the opportunity to find new products that you haven’t seen (at great prices!) while giving exposure to smaller, non-chain, dog-lovin’, all-around-amazing companies.  Win-win….or win-win-win (your dog wins too!)

Of course, what would a PAW-LIDAY promotion be without some FREE GIVEAWAYS as well.  We don’t want to say too much….but trust me, you are going to want to check back to see what we are giving away absolutely FREE!  (We aren’t even going to be annoying and charge you shipping.  We are talking 100% no cash out of your pocket!!)

We encourage you spread the word about these deals – email, Tweet, blog, Facebook, or (GASP!) just tell someone!  We also think you should “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter…that way you’ll hear about the deals and giveaways as soon as we post them. (Who knows, we might just have a special bonus for those who tag us on Facebook or who tweet about us with the hash tag #pawlidays.)

If you have any questions about any of the deals, feel free to send us an email at blog@wagsandwhiskershouston.com.  If you are a pet business (with fun, unique, safe, and wonderful products) email jessica@wagsandwhiskershouston.com for information on how to get in on the PAW-LIDAY fun!

Redbarn Chews – “Chew-tastic!” (says Buffy the Puppy)

Recently, I was asked to participate in some product testing.  OK, so it was actually Buffy’s opinion that was needed…she got to enjoy taste testing the products while I sat by recording her thoughts.  While I might have been jealous of her having all the fun, I do feel lucky to have been introduced to a new brand of dog products – Redbarn Pet Products.

Before Buffy gave me her feedback, I knew I would be a fan of Redbarn products.  Redbarn realizes the importance of the natural proteins in fresh meat…and understands that most dogs these days just aren’t getting them.  They also know that it isn’t that we don’t want to give our dogs all the nutrients and vitamins  they need – it’s that we just don’t have the time or knowledge to do so!  By feeding your pup Redbarn food or giving your pooch a Redbarn chew,  you are improving their health and making them happy.  (Think Flintstones chewable vitamins.  Remember them? I loved those things!  Mom tricked me into thinking they were candy for years!  This is pretty much the same thing.)

Hurry up and open this already!

Buffy loved the “Bronco Braid.”  The package brags “with added antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system”….so I thought she would hate it.  (I’ve tried plenty of people food with packaging that claims it’s stuffed with extra vitamins/minerals/random healthy stuff.  Most of the time, it’s not good.)  The biggest complement Buffy can give to a treat or chew is to lick it repeatedly before she sinks her teeth in.  (This is how I know she loves the taste.)  She didn’t even seem to notice it was good for her, and she didn’t move until the whole thing was gone. (It lasted her right at half and hour.  Yes…I time how long it takes Buffy to devour chew bones.  I’ve found that this is an important factor to take into account when spending my hard-earned money.  Occupying her for a measly few minutes hardly seems worth it!)  She was also lucky enough to be able to try the “Chew-a-bull” as well.  (This one lasted her less time – about 25 minutes – but she attacked it with more ferocity!)  Both of these products “promote dental health”….and are a lot easier to get in your dog’s mouth than a toothbrush!

A quick Google search showed that their Chew-A-Bulls can be picked up at any pet supply store (or purchased at the numerous online suppliers), but I couldn’t find the Bronco Braids anywhere.  (I’m thinking it might be a new product, or something included in their “Bargain Bag“.)  I spent quite a while on the Redbarn website browsing their products (I think Chewy Louies are the next thing we are going to have to try!)

And I’m sure if you asked your own pup about Redbarn products, he or she would remind you that Christmas is coming…. and chews make great stocking stuffers!

Make your dog more FLASHY – Flash Gordon Pet ID Tags (they even gave us a coupon code!)

I spend a lot of time with dogs.  If I’m not with a dog, I’m probably reading a book about a dog.  If I’m not reading a book about a dog, I’m probably doing research for an article or working on this blog….about dogs.  I pride myself on being “in the know” about pooches – whether it be new training methods, health discoveries, or products.  There isn’t a leash I haven’t used or a treat I haven’t (ok, my dog hasn’t!) tried.



Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered Flash Gordon Pet ID tags.  It is no exaggeration to say I have seen thousands of dog tags, and not one of them has ever looked as unique and amazing as these.  I’ve seen lots of fancy tags – but most of them are for little foo foo dogs – and most of them have some sort of rhinestones in them.  Flash Gordon’s tags are….well, to quote their website “incredibly durable

3D Heart Pet ID Tag

3D Heart Pet ID Tag

and will not scratch or break.”  In other words, they are good for ALL dogs…even big dogs who are going to play rough at the dog park.  These tags are 3D!  3D!  How cool is that?

I encourage you to visit their website and poke around for yourself.  I guarantee Flash Gordon’s designs are nothing like anything you have seen before.  Plus, Flash himself can be seen modeling each tag design.  Cute dogs and awesome dog tags….do you really need any more excuses to check out Flash Gordon….

Cutout Heart and Bone Dog ID Tag (my personal favorite!)

Cutout Heart and Bone Dog ID Tag

3D Pet ID Tag (simple yet stylish)

3D Pet ID Tag (simple yet stylish)

…and if you do need one more excuse: AWESOME OFFER FOR WAGS & WHISKERS CUSTOMERS AND BLOG READERS!  Get 10% off at checkout with coupon code wagswhiskers.  (Don’t forget, dogs need Christmas presents too!)

Would you buy your dog this?

We all tend to spoil our dogs to some degree.  Maybe it’s an extra treat or maybe it’s the $500 you parted with to make sure Fifi had the biggest, softest, pinkest bed around.  It’s your money, and you can do whatever you want with it…but (and this is just in my opinion) here are some of the more stupid dog related products you can waste your money on.

Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diapers (www.do-rite.com

Ok, so doggy diapers are already about the most demeaning thing that you can put on your pup.  I mean, even a child running around in just a diaper seems embarrassing – put some clothes on that kid!  (Of course, do realize that some older dogs really do need diapers to keep their owners from going crazy.  Unfortunately, most people who use dog diapers are just plain lazy.) These Do-Rite diapers have to be the worst….they come with suspenders.  SUSPENDERS!  The real reason they caught my eye in a trade magazine I was flipping through, though, is that they just came out with a “Sizzling Summer Collection”.  Now you can get dog diapers in colors like “Caribbean Aqua Blue” “Screaming Lime Green” and “Watermelon Red”.  Nothing says summertime like a dog in a diaper!

Healthy Baker Lawn Protection Treats (www.petedge.com)

These treats claim to do exactly what it sounds like – protect your yard from unsightly yellow spots by balancing the pH in your dog’s urine.  I guess the ingredients are a secret, because though I checked several websites, the only info I could get was that they have “real peanuts” and that they have “no added soy, sugar, or artificial flavor”.  The main problem as I see it (besides the fact that I seriously doubt that these things work) is that it doesn’t prevent other dogs from peeing in your yard!  Plus, if you were really worried about dead grass due to dog pee, you probably shouldn’t have gotten a dog in the first place.  Ok, I lied.  The REAL problem with these treats is that you can’t feed these to your dog if you reside in New Mexico, Indiana, or Idaho.  What?!?  So they have something in them that makes them illegal in these states, but they are fine for my pup in Texas?  Hmmm…..

Flag-A-Poop’s flags (www.flag-a-poop.com)

Visit the Flag-A-Poop’s website, and you will quickly understand the entirety of their mission statement – to “keep poop off your shoe.”  Their product – which is literally little flags with cartoon poop drawn on them – are easy to use.  Here’s how they work: (1) You take your dog outside to do his/her business (2) He/she does his/her business of the #2 variety (3) DON’T PICK UP THE POOP NOW!  Use one of these handy flags and stick it in/by the poop. Seriously?  I wonder how long it will take before your home owners association will get called because of all the poop – and neon yellow flags with pictures of poop – in your yard.

I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!