Online Dating – Gone to the Dog Lovers

Being home all day, every day, to take care of Sebastian means lots of horrible daytime TV.  Lots of horrible daytime TV means…horrible daytime TV commercials.  Seriously!  I think I’ll go insane if I see another commercial for how to turn my structured settlement or annuity into “cash now” or how to sue a pharmaceutical company for a drug that may or may not have actually caused me any physical pain.

But a few days ago I saw a commercial that not only had I never seen, it actually caught my attention.

mustlovedogsYou Must Love Dogs Dating!  ( “In order to find someone who is perfect for you, the key is to find someone who is passionate about similar things,” reads their website.  Must Love Dogs promises that by joining their dating site, you are guaranteed at least one thing in common with your prospective honey – a love of man’s best friend.  For just $9.95 a month (of course, you get a month trial for free!), you can set up a profile describing  you AND your dog(s), along with a photo gallery of pictures of you AND your dog(s). “Other dating sites try to sell you the opportunity to connect with the woman or man of your dreams”…but at Must Love Dogs “a connection for you and your dog is what we have to offer.”

To my surprise, in looking into details about You Must Love Dogs Dating…I found another website that caters to dog-loving singles.  Meet Dog Lovers ( states “generic online dating services will have you browsing through tons of personal ads in search of that special person who shares your interest and your love of dogs”…so “stop wasting time going on dates with people who simply don’t understand the bond between you and Fido.”

To my even BIGGER surprise – a little more Googling, digging, and clicking reveled more than a few online dating sites that focus on the pet loving population, including,,,,, and  Consider my mind blown.  While I knew that eHarmony and were becoming ever more socially acceptable and growing in membership by the day, I never knew there were so many pet specific ways to search for a mate.

My opinions about these dog lovin’ dating sites is conflicted.  In the infinite world of the internet and the seemingly unending number of websites we are bombarded with on the daily, I suppose the only way to get noticed is with a gimmick.  Can these sites really promise better results?  Or are they just using “dog” as a way to sucker consumers into dishing out more cash??

On the other hand, for those of us serious dog lovers…could we (or would we want to) ever be in a “til death do you part” relationship with someone who wasn’t going to understand the connection we have with our canines?  By joining a community of people who feel the same way about their pets, is that just one less thing to discuss when discussing your future?  Would it make opening up and beginning a relationship with a stranger that much easier – I mean, who can’t go on and on about their dog?  Great conversation starter!

What do you think?

(P.S. My mom met her husband on eHarmony.  She is a dog lover – he wasn’t…but now he is!  My dad met his current girlfriend on  She is a dog lover – he isn’t…will it work out?  My husband and I met the old-fashioned way –  I am a dog lover…he just didn’t know he was!  Maybe dog lovers should mingle with the general population to create more dog loving families!) 

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#26)

Happy mid-week, all you puppy lovers!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  I dread going to the doctor (who doesn’t?!) and therefore usually drag a family member along with me for moral support (and entertainment in the waiting room.)  This morning, though, no one was available!  (The audacity of these people to not clear their schedules!!)  As this was my first time seeing this particular doctor, I was especially nervous.  I got up before the alarm and found myself ready to roll WAY too early.  I paced.  I cleaned.  I read.  I drank another cup of coffee. I checked my email (again.) Basically – I was nuts.

Buffy knew something was up.  Obviously she couldn’t understand what was making me act this way…but she knew something was troubling me.  She was the poster child for dogs everywhere.  She managed to keep her own morning routine while never being more than a few feet from me.  She laid at my feet while I ate my cereal.  She sat outside the bathroom while I perfected my ponytail.  She even skipped her morning backyard romp to sit in the kitchen while I loaded the dishes.  Number 2,394,204 why I love dogs – They know when you need them; you don’t even have to ask.  

So let’s look at some cute pup pictures!  It’s what every Wednesday needs!  (And if your pooch needs to update their look, make sure you check out the first post in our new Style Sniffer section!)




Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#3)

Hip HOORAY!!!  The week is half done!

To say that I have been stressed out this week would be an understatement.  I am simply trying to juggle too many things.  I’ve had one of those weeks where I can’t focus on what I’m doing in the moment….because I’m too busy trying to figure out how to complete my next task.  I’m so busy writing emails and hastily shoving dishes in the dishwasher that I forget to eat breakfast.  (I NEVER forget to eat!)  I actually forgot to put on deodorant the other day.  Well, I think I did.  I couldn’t even remember.

Guess what!  My dogs didn’t even care!  Not one of them was any less excited to see me because I didn’t have the time to put on makeup before work.  (They didn’t even mutter the “You look tired!” that I’ve heard from so many coworkers over the years.)  They didn’t try to sympathize or dwell on my problems.  They didn’t try to help or even change the subject.  They were just there.  Tails wagging as we walked to their leashes.  Some gave their usual kisses, some their usual annoyed looks at having to go out…all just happy to have me their to keep them company for a bit.

And that is (just one of the many reasons) why I love dogs.  That…and the fact that they love you even if you forgot to put on deodorant.

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday

Happy first Wednesday in November!

How was everyone’s Halloween?  My mom and I ventured into uncharted territory over the weekend by taking our dogs to Bridgeland’s Howl-o-ween Fest.  Thousands of adorably dressed dogs and kids with dog performances and fashion shows, booths, rescue groups, demonstrations….everything you would expect in a festival.  The unexpected?  How well Buffy and Scarlett behaved.  I was unsure how my own pup would do in her first “festival” experience (aka an insane amount of costumed creatures with loud noises in a large space), but she remained relatively calm and got lots of compliments on her princess costume.  Scarlett, forever shy and scared, was unsure what was going on at first, but after a while seemed to realize she wasn’t in any immediate danger and thus began to enjoy herself.  Mom and I had lots of fun shopping, collecting numerous freebies, and chatting with the friendly gathering of fellow dog lovers.  I would definitely recommend it anyone in the Houston area!!

So, how could I not post pictures of our costumed pups?!  Enjoy these adorable pooches in disguise!

Remember – if you would like to see your furbaby featured in next weeks post, send pics (along with your dog’s name and anything we should know about him or her) to

My Backseat Driver

When I was 16 all I wanted to do was drive.  I would always take the long way home wherever I was coming from.  I would open all the windows, let my hair down (I rarely let my hair  down around people….literally, not figuratively), and turn my music up way too loud.  There was something so comforting and exhilarating about being behind the wheel of car.  In theory, you could go wherever you want.  In reality, it was the only time when I was completely alone.   I was happiest and most relaxed driving in my hand-me-down silver Oldsmobile.

Then, I got old.  You know how it is: those things that seemed so much fun in your youth become chores.  (Wearing make-up also comes to mind!)  Driving was about traffic and high gas prices; being late because I got lost and wishing I had a  nicer car.  What before had been something that brought me joy now was just getting from Point A to Point B.  I lost a little thing….and isn’t it the little things that make us happy?

Enter Buffy the puppy.  There is no adventure this little lady won’t tackle.  From day one, she has loved the car.  Front seat, back seat, day, night, asleep in the back, alert in the passenger seat – wherever, whenever she is ready to ride.  And so it was Buffy who got me to roll the windows down in my car again.  It was Buffy – ears flapping in the wind – that got me to let my own hair down to tangle in the breeze.  It was seeing the look of pure joy on that gal’s face as we race down back roads that made me recapture that feeling that I had once felt. Calm.  Happy.  Free.

If it is true that a smile is contagious, then our happiness in my car is infectious.  The only way our driving excursions become more enjoyable is when I glance out at the cars we pass.  These distracted, impatient people can’t help but smile themselves when they catch sight of a drool-glazed, panting Buffy.  Her two front paws resting where the window lowers into the door, chest thrust forward to the wind, head held high, ears beating her face…if that doesn’t make the corners of your mouth turn up, I feel for you.

With Buffy’s help, my love of driving has been renewed.  I drive with her everywhere I can.  She knows the word “car”, and just seeing her enthusiasm as she runs and jumps in the backseat is enough to turn any frown of mine upside down.  I’m so happy when I’m driving with her, and when I see that look on her face I know she is happy too.  We are both bringing just a little bit of happiness into each other’s lives.

And isn’t it the little things that make us truly happy?


Would you buy your dog this?

We all tend to spoil our dogs to some degree.  Maybe it’s an extra treat or maybe it’s the $500 you parted with to make sure Fifi had the biggest, softest, pinkest bed around.  It’s your money, and you can do whatever you want with it…but (and this is just in my opinion) here are some of the more stupid dog related products you can waste your money on.

Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diapers (

Ok, so doggy diapers are already about the most demeaning thing that you can put on your pup.  I mean, even a child running around in just a diaper seems embarrassing – put some clothes on that kid!  (Of course, do realize that some older dogs really do need diapers to keep their owners from going crazy.  Unfortunately, most people who use dog diapers are just plain lazy.) These Do-Rite diapers have to be the worst….they come with suspenders.  SUSPENDERS!  The real reason they caught my eye in a trade magazine I was flipping through, though, is that they just came out with a “Sizzling Summer Collection”.  Now you can get dog diapers in colors like “Caribbean Aqua Blue” “Screaming Lime Green” and “Watermelon Red”.  Nothing says summertime like a dog in a diaper!

Healthy Baker Lawn Protection Treats (

These treats claim to do exactly what it sounds like – protect your yard from unsightly yellow spots by balancing the pH in your dog’s urine.  I guess the ingredients are a secret, because though I checked several websites, the only info I could get was that they have “real peanuts” and that they have “no added soy, sugar, or artificial flavor”.  The main problem as I see it (besides the fact that I seriously doubt that these things work) is that it doesn’t prevent other dogs from peeing in your yard!  Plus, if you were really worried about dead grass due to dog pee, you probably shouldn’t have gotten a dog in the first place.  Ok, I lied.  The REAL problem with these treats is that you can’t feed these to your dog if you reside in New Mexico, Indiana, or Idaho.  What?!?  So they have something in them that makes them illegal in these states, but they are fine for my pup in Texas?  Hmmm…..

Flag-A-Poop’s flags (

Visit the Flag-A-Poop’s website, and you will quickly understand the entirety of their mission statement – to “keep poop off your shoe.”  Their product – which is literally little flags with cartoon poop drawn on them – are easy to use.  Here’s how they work: (1) You take your dog outside to do his/her business (2) He/she does his/her business of the #2 variety (3) DON’T PICK UP THE POOP NOW!  Use one of these handy flags and stick it in/by the poop. Seriously?  I wonder how long it will take before your home owners association will get called because of all the poop – and neon yellow flags with pictures of poop – in your yard.

I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Wags & Whiskers Wednesdays

Yes, it is Wednesday again.  This Wednesday, I find myself sick with a cold.  (I thought I was the first person in history to get a cold in the summer…but after consulting with a few friends, it seems that something is “going around.”)  Oh, well, all the more reason to look at pictures of cute dogs to cheer me!

I have plenty of absolutely adorable dog pics, but if you have any interest in having your pooch posted in one of these fabulous Wags & Whiskers Wednesday posts email

Happy Wednesday!