Countdown to Halloween – Pets in Costume!

It’s Monday….the Monday before Halloween.  Hopefully you’ve bought your candy, finished up your costumes, and now are just waiting for Friday.  To kick off this holiday week, I suggest you stop working immediately, and check out these list of pets in costumes.  (Because what is the internet for if not to look at pictures of cute animals??)  While you’re at it, make sure to take our poll and let us know if your pooch or kitty cat will be dressing up this year.

Happy Monday…and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.09.00 PM

26 Dogs Who Hate Their Halloween Costumes – This list is awesome because instead of focusing on the Halloween costumes…it focuses on the facial expressions of adorable pups who are obviously not thrilled to be dressing up.  Ah, the things that our pets do to make us happy!


Freddy Guinea

25+ Terrifyingly Cute Costumes for Pets – I love this list because it has lots of non- dog animals in costumes.  (And not just cats…guinea pigs, horses, lizards….) Make sure to click “show more” when you get to the bottom to check out all the costumes posted.  You can even add a picture of your own pet to the list!


Scuba Cat

Adorable Cats Halloween Costumes – Cats in Halloween costumes.  Enough said.

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#33) – Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!

I’m not sure who is cuter on this holiday – dogs or kids!  I’ve seen some pretty adorable pet costumes this year…we will have to see the adorable-ness the trick-or-treaters bring tonight.  Just remember, not all dogs are fond of this loud, door bell ringing holiday.  Don’t feel  bad about confining a not-so-social pooch to a back room.  You might hear some growls and barks, but I assure you they will be much less anxious away from the hoards of kiddos hyped up on chocolate.

The ASPCA has a great list of Halloween Safety Tips that are definitely worth a read before the festivities begin tonight.  The Humane Society has also complied a great list of ways to Spare Your Pet the Spooks this Halloween.  Remember, that while you surely wouldn’t feed your dog chocolate intentionally, you might be so distracted by the costumes and excitement, you miss your furbaby jumping up on a counter or sneaking candy from careless child.  (Refresh your memory on why chocolate is so bad for our pups here.)  Make sure to keep your bowl of candy high and in your sights the whole night.

But now…for the pictures you’ve all been waiting for…


Seriously…this has got to be one of the best homemade dog costumes ever. I am not a fan of Honey Boo Boo (still not even sure who she is) but this is absolutely amazing! Thanks to client Alicia for sending this one my way.

Wonder Dog to the rescue! (And the cutest Minnie Mouse)

Buffy (as a beautiful princess) and Scarlett (as the cutest pumpkin alive!)