Puppy Bowl X is Almost Here!

Super Bowl XLVIII is mere weeks away…but, with NFL playoff games in full swing, we still aren’t sure who will be taking the field in the big game.

The players for the 10th annual Puppy Bowl, though, have been announced.  If you have not watched a Puppy Bowl – what’s wrong with you?  Here are pictures of a few of this year’s players.  I dare you not to watch after seeing these heart-melting faces!

Aurora the Dalmatian from Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue

Aurora a Dalmatian from Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue


Bach a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle Mix from Friends of Pep Rescue

Bach a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle Mix from Friends of Pep Rescue


Brody an American Eskimo from Green Dogs Unleashed

Brody an American Eskimo from Green Dogs Unleashed


Lily a Bassett Hound from  Tri State Bassett Hound Rescue

Lily a Basset Hound from Tri State Basset Hound Rescue


Check out the complete, official line up here.  Kickoff is at 3 PM on Super Bowl Sunday (February 2 for all those non-football watcher out there.)  If you have never seen it.I’m not sure you can quite understand the level of cuteness that is achieved.  

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#39)

Happy middle of the week at the end of the month!

I feel like all I do these days is prepare prepare baby boy’s room, prepare my dogs for the life changes they will be facing soon, prepare my business for the upcoming months. Oh yeah, and somehow attempt to prepare myself!!

I’ve come to believe that dogs and puppies really are the best way to prepare yourself for a baby. Now, now…I know what all you moms and dads out there are thinking. (Probably something along the lines of “Hahahahahaha!!”). But hear me out. A puppy (or new dog) is this little living creature you bring into your home who you must protect. They need constant supervision, they can’t tell time (as in – knowing when sleeping time is!), and they don’t understand proper potty etiquette. And while I’ve heard crate training your newborn is frowned upon…I think we can all agree that all this boils down to one thing – patience. Patience born out of love.

That’s just one more reason I’m thankful for the dogs in my life!

I’m also thankful for adorable dog pictures!!! They seem to de-stress me like nothing else! (Along with cute dog videos…did y’all see this?).

Our pictures this week were submitted by our Twitter friend Clay over at Cool Dude Air Conditioning (@TheCoolDudeAC)  Here are two of their FOUR rescue pups.  (Looks like they enjoy pool time!)  Check out their blog at www.cooldudeac.com…and make sure to give them a call if you you’re here in Houston and find yourself with a busted AC or heater.  Who wouldn’t want to support a dog rescuin’, dog lovin’ company!?

photo 2 (14)



photo 1 (15)

Lily & Ally