Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#27)

Are you ready for some (Wednesday night) football??

Really, Molly? Why when I ask you to sit do you go to the stairs and put your booty on a high step? Why?!

I think one of the main reason why dogs are fascinating is that  – though they live in our homes and we spend so much time with them every day – some of their behavior still remains a mystery.

Take Buffy for example:  Buffy loves her “retriever roll” chew bones.  You can literally see her face light up when she is presented with one.  As a puppy, she would immediately devour the whole thing in one go…moments after it touched her lips.  Now, she will carry the same bone around for days:  She will lay it next to her while she sleeps.  She will present it to me when I get home from work.  She will set it on the windowsill while she keeps a watchful eye on the neighborhood.  Then, randomly, she will decide she is ready for a good chew and go to town, but she will NEVER chew it when she is home alone.  (Just today, I got home from work to find her snoozing on the couch.  After welcoming me home, she went straight to the bone she was given last night.  It was as if she was waiting for me to get home to chew!)

I just wish she could tell me why!

(I would love to hear about some other….um….”eccentric” behavior that you see in your pooch!)

Now…let’s look at some cute dog pics!  And for all you cat lovers out there – a few shots of a recently rescued kitty that is just about the cutest (craziest?!) thing ever!









Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#26)

Happy mid-week, all you puppy lovers!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  I dread going to the doctor (who doesn’t?!) and therefore usually drag a family member along with me for moral support (and entertainment in the waiting room.)  This morning, though, no one was available!  (The audacity of these people to not clear their schedules!!)  As this was my first time seeing this particular doctor, I was especially nervous.  I got up before the alarm and found myself ready to roll WAY too early.  I paced.  I cleaned.  I read.  I drank another cup of coffee. I checked my email (again.) Basically – I was nuts.

Buffy knew something was up.  Obviously she couldn’t understand what was making me act this way…but she knew something was troubling me.  She was the poster child for dogs everywhere.  She managed to keep her own morning routine while never being more than a few feet from me.  She laid at my feet while I ate my cereal.  She sat outside the bathroom while I perfected my ponytail.  She even skipped her morning backyard romp to sit in the kitchen while I loaded the dishes.  Number 2,394,204 why I love dogs – They know when you need them; you don’t even have to ask.  

So let’s look at some cute pup pictures!  It’s what every Wednesday needs!  (And if your pooch needs to update their look, make sure you check out the first post in our new Style Sniffer section!)




Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#5)

Happy first Wednesday in February!

Enjoy these pics of some ADORABLE pups that I saw today!  I’m keeping this post short and sweet as my new insulin pump is making me feel less than my best.  (Read more about diabetes – in humans and dogs – in the first article of our Diabetes & Your Pet series.)

Wags & Whiskers Wednesday – Happy Holidays Edition!

Happy Holidays!!

Have you gotten presents for everyone on your list?  Don’t forget your pooch!  News articles around the web report anywhere from 67% to 75% up to 95% of dog parents buy their furbaby something to celebrate the season.  While those non-pet people (who are those weirdos anyway?) will roll their eyes at these statistics, I think it’s a wonderful thing.  Pets are an important part of the family, and they should be recognized as such.  Plus, it’s just as much fun (and just as rewarding) to see pup running around with a new toy on Christmas morning as it is a child…plus your dog won’t complain that it’s the wrong color or whine that they already have one.

Even better than that – a dog doesn’t even care if you have money!  If you don’t have a penny to spend, your dog will take an extra half hour added to the end of a walk, a trip to a dog park, or even just a car ride.  That’s why dogs are awesome…all they really want for Christmas is more time with you!

So HAPPY HANUKKAH!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!  HAPPY WINTER!  Look at these cute pups enjoying the holidays!


One of my client's sent me this pic of her sister Claire's dog, Pico. He doesn't look too happy, but he sure does look CUTE!


George's boxer, Lexi, LOVES her new Christmas toy. She's not putting it down for anyone!


My mom's dachshund, Scarlett. Seriously, cutest dog hat EVER!


My own pup, Buffy, opening her stocking last year. I DEFINITELY think it's time for a new sweater this Christmas!