Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#20)

Happy 4th of July!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Last week was a very exciting one at my house.  Buffy, my husband, and I all celebrated our birthdays right in a row.  It was a week full of family, cake…and of course presents!

I was lucky enough to receive a new iPhone from my wonderful parents.  My old iPhone was…um…busted. (That’s an understatement!)   To someone who is pounding the pavement with pups all day (or on her way to do so!) – your phone is pretty much all you have.  For everything:  Facebook, client emails, checking in on the blog, seeing if I need rain boots, chatting with mom…EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  I should have my own  iPhone commercial.  (There is no way Samuel L. Jackson uses his iPhone more than I do!)

If you are a regular reader of Wags & Whiskers Wednesday…you know where this is going.  My phone takes (lots and lots of) pictures.  And while I didn’t actually run the numbers, I can estimate with some confidence that 90% of the pics on my old phone were of dogs (with a few kitties sprinkled in.)  I’ve decided to share some of my (many) favorites with you.  A few of these you might have seen before…through Twitter or Instagram…but I think they’ll still put a smile on your face.

So here is why I love my job….

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