Please HELP! Found Dog in Houston!

Husky Found Vet

This beautiful guy was found last Friday (October 17th) near Montrose here in Houston.  He was lucky enough to have found dog lover (and all around wonderful lady) Laura who immediately took him to Central Houston Animal Hospital.  He is not microchiped or neutered but unfortunately is heart worm positive (treatment has been started.)

People are guessing he is a Husky or white German Shepard…and he is got a set of those amazing different colored eyes (right is brown and left is parti-eyed…blue, white, AND brown.)  He is 55 pounds and young (most likely around 1-2 years)…but more importantly he is SUPER sweet.  He has interacted with many people and dogs, and he has been friendly with everyone.  On a walk, he didn’t even go nuts when he saw a cat (which is more than I can say for most of the dogs I walk!)

Laura is not able to adopt this guy right now….and yet she still stopped to help him.  Knowing that she was unable to take him in herself – she still loaded him up, got him to the vet, and started heart worm treatment.  This woman is a saint!  

Can you help us find a forever home for this amazing dog?  Even a foster??  If you could even spread the word about this amazing animal, we would really appreciate it.  Email a pic to your dog lovin’ friends, put a link to this post up on social media….or spread the word the old fashioned way and just TALK to someone!

Please leave comments below with any advice…or just to give Laura some words of encouragement.  If you know of a rescue group or individual who is interested…or would like more information, please email

THANKS!  Let’s all work together – we all know this guy (like all animals) deserves a loving, caring home!

Friday’s Fido Film (September 9, 2013) – Rescue Edition!

This is AMAZING.  So simple and silly…but if it is helping these dogs get the attention they need, it’s GENIUS!!

Like them on Facebook….share their story on social media…and keep good things coming to these deserving pups!


Cats & Kittens in Need of Homes in Houston – PLEASE HELP!


Mama cat Angel, with her 4 kitty kiddos

Mama cat Angel, with her 4 kitty kiddos – ALL AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION


The stray cat population in Houston…or let’s face it EVERYWHERE…is outrageous.

Black kitty looking for a good home

Black kitty looking for a good home

I will never forget when I got first hand knowledge of how out of control the situation was.  I was at a neighborhood shelter, desperately trying to get medical attention for an injured pup I had found.  (My vet said they could not legally treat her because she wasn’t mine…only shelters have that privilege.  Desperate for advice, I drove to a local “private” shelter.)  As I was waiting for shelter employee to come back with paperwork, I man jumped out of his car with a cat and RAN towards me.  Quickly handing the cat at me, he explained he was moving and could not keep him.  As I tried to explain I did not work here and therefore had no authority to accept any animals, he literally threw $20 at me and mumbled about no one taking in cats.  As he made a break for his car, the shelter employee returned…took one look at me, the cat, the $20, and the escaping man…she grabbed the money and the feline and CHASED THE MAN DOWN.  Full out running.  The man dashing to make a clean getaway.  The shelter didn’t have room for even one more cat.  The man had (obviously, I realized later) already been to several shelters.  The insane seriousness of this problem did not hit me until I saw a poor woman running across a parking lot clutching a cat.

There is no way to ever estimate how many stray cats end up in shelters every year…let alone how many cats are left roaming the streets.  (Read about escaping pets here.)   I can’t even bring myself to wonder how many are euthanized.

This is why when Shanna, a fellow Houstonian, reached out to me for help in finding homes for the twelve (yes, TWELVE!) kitties living around her home – I had to do everything in my power to help.  

Cute kittens EVERYWHERE...can you take on in??

Cute kittens EVERYWHERE…can you take on in??

Shanna has used her own income to pay for 3 of the kitties to be spayed/neutered.  No discounts.  No donations.  No help.  She has been caring for them all, but she is moving in September and needs to find homes for these little furry friends.  Shanna does not want to just dump these sweet creatures off at a kill shelter…nor does she want to leave them on the street.  

So, who needs a cat?!?  She’s got shy ones and friendly ones.  She’s got a mama and her kittens.  Look at the pictures in this post and decide which one is right for you!

Please spread the word about these sweet creatures.  If you have any advice on no-kill shelters to contact in the Houston area or are interest in adopting one of these furbabies, please email Wags & Whiskers at


Fluffy Black Jack

Fluffy Black Jack


Can Catapillar get some love from you?

Can Catapillar get some love from you?


Spice is searching for a home, too!

Spice is searching for a home, too!