Pet Sitting

$16 for 30-35 Minutes

For some pets, time away from Mom and Dad can be rough. Kennels can add to stress, and they do not guarantee your little critter one on one love and care. By using Wags & Whiskers, you are ensuring your furry friend can stay in their own home, eat their own food at proper feeding times, and have the fun they like to have! Just let us know your kiddo’s favorite toys and games, and we’ll make sure they are living it up while you’re away.

Each visit includes:

*Feeding *Walking *Playtime *Checking house for accidents/cleaning of litter box *Notification (via written note or email) *LOTS of love and attention

Upon request, we can also:

*Water plants *Pick up mail/paper *Trash/recycling take out *Care for smaller animals in cages and tank