Countdown to Halloween – Pets in Costume!

It’s Monday….the Monday before Halloween.  Hopefully you’ve bought your candy, finished up your costumes, and now are just waiting for Friday.  To kick off this holiday week, I suggest you stop working immediately, and check out these list of pets in costumes.  (Because what is the internet for if not to look at pictures of cute animals??)  While you’re at it, make sure to take our poll and let us know if your pooch or kitty cat will be dressing up this year.

Happy Monday…and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.09.00 PM

26 Dogs Who Hate Their Halloween Costumes – This list is awesome because instead of focusing on the Halloween costumes…it focuses on the facial expressions of adorable pups who are obviously not thrilled to be dressing up.  Ah, the things that our pets do to make us happy!


Freddy Guinea

25+ Terrifyingly Cute Costumes for Pets – I love this list because it has lots of non- dog animals in costumes.  (And not just cats…guinea pigs, horses, lizards….) Make sure to click “show more” when you get to the bottom to check out all the costumes posted.  You can even add a picture of your own pet to the list!


Scuba Cat

Adorable Cats Halloween Costumes – Cats in Halloween costumes.  Enough said.

Friday’s Fido Film (September 5, 2014)

A dear friend of mine sent this video my way.  She was my roommate in New York City and knew me at a time in my life when the only animals I could keep were mice and hamsters.  (Tiny NYC apartments!)  (Although later, at one point, we were living in a tiny NYC apartment with 3 cats.)

While some gals (and some guys for that matter!) think that little critters are gross…I always thought they were nothing but cute and cuddly.  This video reminds me of my sweet teddy bear hamster, Petunia.

Even if you’ve never had a hamster of your own…you have to admit this video is ADORABLE.  (It also manages to incorporate another love of mine – burritos!)