Finding a Home for Daisy

Blog readers and dog lovers – can we find a home for this sweet pup??


One of our blog readers, Jessie, has recently moved and discovered that her new smaller back yard just isn’t enough for this sweet pup, Daisy.  She is trying to do the responsible thing and find a loving family that can give Daisy the attention, love, and exercise she needs!

The great news is that Daisy is good with other dogs and children.  (She currently lives with a 3 year old.)  She is full grown at 45 pounds and is up to date with all of her shots.  She is still a puppy, though (almost a year old) and has lots of that puppy energy.  She is currently living Spring, Texas.  

If you are interested in giving sweet Daisy a forever home – or have any more questions about her – email us here at

Daisy 2

Book Review – Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs

Citizen Canine

I can honestly say this is one of the best books about dogs and cats I have ever read (and I’ve read a lot of them!) This book takes on a subject matter that is often touched on in books and articles, but rarely the main focus – pets in society.  More specifically, it analyzes how society’s view of pets has evolved as society itself has evolved.

The book is divided into three sections: “Family” – which outlines how dogs and cats came to be domesticated, “Person” – which explains how the animal welfare revolution brought about changes in animal cruely laws and created groups like the ASPCA, and “Citizen” – which tells of the ongoing legal issues that modern day dogs and cats (and their guardians) are fighting.

Now, most of us dog lovers are at least somewhat familiar with the theories of how dogs and cats went from being wild creatures to living in our homes…so that first section wasn’t really anything special.   The second section, “Person”, is where things really start to get interesting.  It is hard to believe that what we take as common sense respect of animals – the fact that you can’t abuse your pet, for instance – was once political debates.  It was fascinating to read about the legalities of something like this.  To me, these principles are obvious it seems ridiculous that at some point our legal system had to spell them out…yet, in a court of law, if a dog was considered your “property”, why couldn’t you do whatever the heck you wanted with/to it?   Also included in this section were detailed accounts of what happened to pets left behind when New Orleans was evacuated for Katrina and the ongoing efforts to care for them.

“Citizen” really dove into the current state of pets in our legal system – of course it touched on the whole pit bull issue, but also describes how the  field of veterinary medicine has transformed as pets become more like family and less like animals.  He shares court cases where dog mothers and fathers have sued their vets for far above what the animal is actually worth.  Well – in the word “actually”, we get to the heart of the matter.  Would you really say your dog is “actually” worth only what you paid for it?  (You wouldn’t, of course, but what would a court of law say??)  I found all of this incredibly interesting and something that I had never read about before.

I think one of the reasons this books stands out in its genre is the author.  David Grimm (check out his website here) obviously has an amazing analytical, scientific mind.  (And I’m not just saying that because I know he is the online news editor for Science!)  He takes on the topic of pets in our life with as much seriousness as he does when discussing biochemistry.  It is obvious he did extensive research when writing this book – I love how many personal stories of dog and cat lovers he tells.  Grimm writes with a scientific brain and a cat-loving heart.

Have I convinced you to read this book yet?   I said it before…and I’ll say it again – I loved this book!  It is a well written, fascinating read with interesting personal accounts as well as pet related historical facts.  It will help you understand more about our human society by examining the way we have and continue to view our pets.  It will make you think…and help you understand more about that furry creature that has found his way into your home and your heart.

Please HELP! Found Dog in Houston!

Husky Found Vet

This beautiful guy was found last Friday (October 17th) near Montrose here in Houston.  He was lucky enough to have found dog lover (and all around wonderful lady) Laura who immediately took him to Central Houston Animal Hospital.  He is not microchiped or neutered but unfortunately is heart worm positive (treatment has been started.)

People are guessing he is a Husky or white German Shepard…and he is got a set of those amazing different colored eyes (right is brown and left is parti-eyed…blue, white, AND brown.)  He is 55 pounds and young (most likely around 1-2 years)…but more importantly he is SUPER sweet.  He has interacted with many people and dogs, and he has been friendly with everyone.  On a walk, he didn’t even go nuts when he saw a cat (which is more than I can say for most of the dogs I walk!)

Laura is not able to adopt this guy right now….and yet she still stopped to help him.  Knowing that she was unable to take him in herself – she still loaded him up, got him to the vet, and started heart worm treatment.  This woman is a saint!  

Can you help us find a forever home for this amazing dog?  Even a foster??  If you could even spread the word about this amazing animal, we would really appreciate it.  Email a pic to your dog lovin’ friends, put a link to this post up on social media….or spread the word the old fashioned way and just TALK to someone!

Please leave comments below with any advice…or just to give Laura some words of encouragement.  If you know of a rescue group or individual who is interested…or would like more information, please email

THANKS!  Let’s all work together – we all know this guy (like all animals) deserves a loving, caring home!

Friday’s Fido Film (March 21, 2014)

Surreal Dog

So this Friday…I decided make Friday’s Fido Film about photography instead of informative/often-adorable dog videos. (Remember?)  If you haven’t already seen them, these gorgeous surreal photographs are by Sarolta Bán. Bán is an artist from Budapest who manipulates pictures to create images that are…stunning?  fantastical?…really the only word to describe them is surreal.

In an quest to ensure shelter animals be seen – she created a collection featuring homeless animals.  I love them.  

Not only are the pictures incredible…they convey a sense of wonder rather than one of pity.  (I feel like some rescue organizations post pictures that are heartbreaking and pitiful – not pictures that encourage people to adopt.)  To me (and that’s the beauty of art…isn’t it?…you might feel differently), the images remind me that we will never know the world through a dog’s eyes…that they each have their own personality…that they dream.

Whether you appreciate them for simply their aesthetic or for the greater animal cause they are trying to shed light on, there is no doubt that these pictures are incredible.





(I wouldn’t even consider myself a surrealist fan – but Sarolta Bán’s pictures are quite amazing.  Check out her website here and more about her work with dogs here.)

Friday’s Fido Film (January 24, 2014)

A dear friend and fellow animal lover of mine posted this video on Facebook a while back…and I just came across it again while working on the blog.  Usually, I try to keep things more fun and upbeat for my Friday posts, but I LOVE this video.

Warning – I cry every time I see this video (but – full disclosure – I am a crier!)  First, I cry tears realizing how some of us humans can simply abandon other living creatures (or not even stop to help.)  Then I cry at how amazing dogs are…show them just the slightest compassion and they will show you their infinite ability to love.  Finally, I cry seeing how easily that love and compassion can be passed on to someone else.  (I believe caring is contagious in dogs AND humans.)

What do you think?

(Don’t forget to hop on over to the Hope for Paws website and show them some support!)

Puppy Bowl X is Almost Here!

Super Bowl XLVIII is mere weeks away…but, with NFL playoff games in full swing, we still aren’t sure who will be taking the field in the big game.

The players for the 10th annual Puppy Bowl, though, have been announced.  If you have not watched a Puppy Bowl – what’s wrong with you?  Here are pictures of a few of this year’s players.  I dare you not to watch after seeing these heart-melting faces!

Aurora the Dalmatian from Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue

Aurora a Dalmatian from Spotted Dog Dalmatian Rescue


Bach a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle Mix from Friends of Pep Rescue

Bach a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle Mix from Friends of Pep Rescue


Brody an American Eskimo from Green Dogs Unleashed

Brody an American Eskimo from Green Dogs Unleashed


Lily a Bassett Hound from  Tri State Bassett Hound Rescue

Lily a Basset Hound from Tri State Basset Hound Rescue


Check out the complete, official line up here.  Kickoff is at 3 PM on Super Bowl Sunday (February 2 for all those non-football watcher out there.)  If you have never seen it.I’m not sure you can quite understand the level of cuteness that is achieved.  

Failing to help…feeling guilty…what would you do?

Thursday had to be one of the most incredibly frustrating days of my life.

Driving to my in-laws’ house to drop my baby boy off, I noticed a dog roaming down their street.  I opened my door and right away knew this wasn’t a pet that had recently escaped…this poor girl had been living on her own for some time.  She looked hungry, dehydrated, and dirty.  She was desperate for help, but obviously extremely fearful.

She was a pit bull.

Having my 4 month old son with me and being on my way to make my daily dog walkin’ rounds, I wasn’t really sure what to do.   Not only did this gal have no collar or tags…she wouldn’t let me get anywhere near her.  (And regardless of breed – it’s never good to force yourself on an unknown dog.)  I left some water for her and politely asked her to hang around until I could figure out what to do.  I worried about her my whole day.

A few hours later, I cruised the neighborhood before picking up my son.  I was hoping to find her roaming around (but praying she had found her way home).  Eventually giving up, I drove to my in-laws’….only to find the sweet girl laying in the shade of their front porch.  She got up and gave me a tiny tail wag when she saw me.  I had come prepared with water AND food this time, but despite being STARVING, would only approach either if I backed up a few feet.

I decided I HAD to do something.  I asked my in-laws to keep an eye on her and drove my kiddo home to begin the quest of finding someone to help.

I had no idea just how hard this would be.

The hours that followed were filled with emails, calls, tears, and lots of Googling.  All pit bull rescues/independently run shelters in Houston (the 4th largest city in the country, mind you) very clearly stated they weren’t accepting dogs as they were filled to capacity.  The ASPCA would take her for a fee (no problem) but I would have to bring her in (BIG problem.)

City animal control would come and pick her up, get her into a vet, and (assuming there were no major medical/behavioral  issues) get her healthy and up on their website for adoption.   The words “animal control” scared me, and they definitely gave me no guarantee that she would not be euthanized….but at this point, it sounded like the best shot.  I spent an hour wondering if I was actually prepared to send her somewhere that didn’t guarantee her survival.  Finally, I decided this was my only real option.  I called…oh,wait…they won’t come to that neighborhood.  (While in the city of Houston it was not in the city limit’s??)

They referred me to the county shelter.  Sounded like the same thing as the city animal control…until I inquired how I could get updates on this specific dog status.  (I was hoping I could help get this dog adopted or at least bring her to the attention of pit bull rescues once she was officially in “the system.”)  I was then notified that she would be held for 3 days to wait for her owner to claim her and then she would be euthanized.  They did not keep ANY pit bulls.  It was their “policy”.

After another round of tears (and a very compassionate woman on the other end of the phone), I was able to get the whole report canceled.  All that point, there was only one thing I could do.


So I went to bed that night wondering where she was.  Wondering if there was anything else I could possibly do (and realizing that there probably was).  Feeling guilty that I did nothing for her…

Today is World Elephant Day


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with elephants.  I love them.  Elephants are the only thing I collect…I have statues and carvings, tables with elephants as the base, and more than a few pieces of elephant jewelry.  I’ve always loved their size and strength…especially after I learned what social animals they are.  Their “family” structure is amazing.  They mourn their dead. They have incredible intellect and memory.  (“An elephant never forgets.”)  We can see them show signs of happiness, anger, playfulness, and grief.

WED_symbol_official_text_2-sm1-150x150And they are STILL being slaughtered for their tusks.  STILL being mistreated in captivity.  STILL on the brink of extinction.

World Elephant Day just started last year, but it is something every animal love should support.  Surprisingly, they aren’t asking for monetary contributions (seriously, check out their website)…they just want you to be educated on all the threats they face.  Heck, they’ll be happy if you’d just take a moment or two to get educated on elephants themselves.  Then post something on your Facebook…Tweet about it…blog about it…heck, good-ol’-fashioned TALK about it.  Even better – talk to a child about it!

We MUST save this species…and we have to start somewhere.

World Elephant Day

Click this pic to view their Facebook page…then click “LIKE”