Welcome to the Wags & Whiskers Family, SOPHIE!

Very exciting news around here at Wags & Whiskers – Sophie has joined the family!


The other dog walker here at W&W…who I just happened to call “Mom”…has adopted another sweet pup who was very much in need of a loving, caring home.  (She has a way of finding those dogs that really need some extra attention – or maybe they find her?? We all remember poor Scarlett…check out her “before” and “after” pics in this post.)

Sophie’s story was one that I often hear but never understand.  She had been long neglected…spending the hot Houston summer months locked 24/7 in a garage with 3 (very nice, but very large) pit bulls.  She was given food and water, but no attention or love (or grooming) or time outside (EVER…as in no potty breaks!)  My mom was horrified to find large chunks of poop and a long metal wire tangled in her ridiculously matted fur.  Luckily, other than a few fleas, some ear mites, and a stinky coat….Sophie was healthy.  A few vet visits and a shave later – she is a new woman!

IMG_5372As I mention often on this blog, the resilience of dogs never ceases to amaze me.  After months and months of complete neglect from us humans – she couldn’t be sweeter.  Dropped in a new home with a new family and 2 new dogs she doesn’t know at all – she couldn’t be sweeter.  We weren’t sure how she would be with Sebastian (she’s been through a lot…and even the most easy-going dogs sometimes have trouble adjusting to a 2-year-old!) – but she couldn’t be sweeter.  He rubs, kisses, and trips over her…and she often shows more patients with him than I do!  Before Sophie arrived there were days of uncertainty (What health problems were we facing?  How would she fit in with my mom’s current dogs??) Now we realize all that worry was for nothing.

This girl just needed a fresh start.

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