Musings of a Mutt – First Edition

The personalities of my two dogs are kinda the running joke of my family.

Not because of the dogs themselves…but because of the voices that my husband has created for each pup.  Buffy’s voice is a sweet, girly version of Scooby Doo, and Amigo’s takes on a Latino playboy quality.  They really are hilarious if you are lucky enough to overhear one of their “conversations” (as performed by Pablo) – and these silly little voices have caused us to create elaborate personas for each dog.  It might sound a big crazy (and admittedly it is), but sometimes I feel like I literally KNOW what my dog is thinking.  (Agreed?)

So I thought for you – my lovely, loyal blog readers – Amigo would share some of his deep thoughts.  These philosophical ponderings…his musings, if you will….will no pop up on the blog from time to time.   And because he is so dashing, we will of course be including pictures.

So without further ado, Amigo’s first tidbit of wisdom…or as we like to call them…Musings of a Mutt. (And we think the word “mutt” is endearing, not derogatory.)


Amigo Jump

“No one ever made it to the top with their paws on the ground.”—Amigo

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