“It’s a Miracle” – The K9 Bridle

As you know – I am a dog walker.

My confession – my own dog is not a good walker.

For the first two years of her life, Buffy resided with us on the second floor of an apartment complex.  Somewhere in there, she began to see getting leashed up as the precursor to being forced outside to face a series of scary unknowns (other dogs, other people, passing cars).  To her, Leash = Bad.  I know she could enjoy walks…but I don’t even really know how to take the first step.K9 Bridle

As most of you know…I’m kinda a Twitter addict.  I LOVE it, and often spend time looking at the websites/blogs/FB Pages of my new followers.  That’s how I found K9 Bridle.  I have had some success walking “pullers” with Gentle Leaders…but it seems to irritate some of them a bit (and some of them ALOT.) I want to find the perfect tool for Buffy, and with claims like “Stops pulling- Guaranteed” and “Totally effortless control“…it seems like it was worth a shot.

Buffy waiting patiently while I read the instructions

Buffy waiting patiently while I read the instructions

At first glance, the instructions on the packaging seemed complicated…but once I had the K9 Bridle opened and a pup waiting to be leashed up, it was surprisingly easy to get it on.  Buffy looked slightly confused as to what was happening (or what was going to happen), but didn’t seem to mind and soon we were hitting the streets.

I figured that the first time I took Buffy out with it on – not only would she be her usual crazy self (pulling, running, attempting to slip her harness/collar) she would also obsessively paw at the bridle.  While she did dip her head and scratch at the bridle twice…it didn’t seem to bother her much at all.

To say the K9 Bridle is a miracle product would be an understatement.  The effect was instantaneous.  (I would like to state right here: every dog – just as every human – is different.  These are my opinions and relate to my crazy pup…BUT I do walk dogs for a living!)  She was completely and totally relaxed.  She wasn’t pulling.  She wasn’t worked up.  She wasn’t obsessing about trying to get away from every little thing.  She was just walking.  She was just sniffing in the grass.  She was just enjoying herself.

My husband (aka the photographer for this blog post) could not believe his eyes.  “It’s a miracle!” he exclaimed over and over.  He wanted to take turn walking her.  He simply did not believe it.  The K9 Bridle literally got our whole family excited about walking again. 

After our walk, I did a little more reading about the K9 Bridle and discovered exactly why it is so awesome.  I should have noticed it before – but it’s because it allows you to control your dog from the back of the neck NOT the side of the muzzle or under the chin.  (For those of you who do not have experience – this is  what a Gentle Leader does.  Don’t get me wrong – they can help with some pullers as it whips the dog back around on itself – but they are not good for simple control.)

So…if you couldn’t tell from above – I HIGHLY recommend the K9 Bridle and will continue to recommend it to all of my clients and faithful blog readers.  Feel free to post questions (or email them to me blog@wagsandwhiskershouston.com) if you would like more details about my experience with what is now known in my household as “the miracle”.

k9b Close Up 2

Modeling the K9 Bridle

Check out the K9 Bridle website here their Facebook page here and their Twitter feed here.


One thought on ““It’s a Miracle” – The K9 Bridle

  1. Mom bought a thunder lead… also she taught me that when she stopped if I am to far ahead she will say “Bring it around and I jump into place”

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