My Own Slice of Heaven (The Quest for the Perfect Back Yard)

I hate when life gets in the way of my blogging.

Lately, my days have been spent hunting for houses.  Having spent many of my “adult years” in New York City – I have been a renter all my life.  The prospect of spending HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars is not just daunting…it’s terrifying.  Hopefully, you all remember your first home buying experience and can relate.

On the other hand, how fun is it to sit around and mentally decorate your dream home?  When I’m looking at houses to buy, suddenly I’m Mrs. Do-It-Yourself and I have endless hours to put the finishing touches on transforming this house into a “home.”  Haha!  Snap back to reality…better buy something we like as-is.

Awesome back yard was at the top of my must-haves from Day 1.  Its size cannot be changed – and beautiful, mature trees are not something you can just order.  (Well, I’m sure they CAN, but realistically speaking…)  I can slap a coat of paint on something a lot faster than I can rebuild an entire fence.

And I feel like it is the part of the home that can increase my families happiness the most.  My life centers around dogs…and no matter what you tell yourself…your dog wants to be outside.  Don’t get me wrong – they love sleeping in your bed and staying cozy and dry during a storm – but they are animals.  They want to be outside!  They WANT to be dogs.

As readers of this blog well know – my Amigo is a first rate escape artists.  Part of our yard is forever wet and muddy – and my Buffy is a champion mud roller.  I can’t leave them unattended for long.  And let’s be real – it’s just plain ugly.

I also want Sebastian to grow up playing outside.  I want swing sets and tree houses and dogs running around him while he plays.

So – let the search begin for the perfect house with the perfect backyard.  I would really LOVE feedback: pictures of awesome back yards, ideas on what I should look for, blog posts/articles about this stuff.  Post the in the comments or email them to me personally:

Help me out!

One thought on “My Own Slice of Heaven (The Quest for the Perfect Back Yard)

  1. How exciting and scary all at the same time!!!! Renting is so easy…Trev and I wish you all the best…We hope you get everything on your list!!!! Hugs galore on your house hunting!!!!

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