Online Dating – Gone to the Dog Lovers

Being home all day, every day, to take care of Sebastian means lots of horrible daytime TV.  Lots of horrible daytime TV means…horrible daytime TV commercials.  Seriously!  I think I’ll go insane if I see another commercial for how to turn my structured settlement or annuity into “cash now” or how to sue a pharmaceutical company for a drug that may or may not have actually caused me any physical pain.

But a few days ago I saw a commercial that not only had I never seen, it actually caught my attention.

mustlovedogsYou Must Love Dogs Dating!  ( “In order to find someone who is perfect for you, the key is to find someone who is passionate about similar things,” reads their website.  Must Love Dogs promises that by joining their dating site, you are guaranteed at least one thing in common with your prospective honey – a love of man’s best friend.  For just $9.95 a month (of course, you get a month trial for free!), you can set up a profile describing  you AND your dog(s), along with a photo gallery of pictures of you AND your dog(s). “Other dating sites try to sell you the opportunity to connect with the woman or man of your dreams”…but at Must Love Dogs “a connection for you and your dog is what we have to offer.”

To my surprise, in looking into details about You Must Love Dogs Dating…I found another website that caters to dog-loving singles.  Meet Dog Lovers ( states “generic online dating services will have you browsing through tons of personal ads in search of that special person who shares your interest and your love of dogs”…so “stop wasting time going on dates with people who simply don’t understand the bond between you and Fido.”

To my even BIGGER surprise – a little more Googling, digging, and clicking reveled more than a few online dating sites that focus on the pet loving population, including,,,,, and  Consider my mind blown.  While I knew that eHarmony and were becoming ever more socially acceptable and growing in membership by the day, I never knew there were so many pet specific ways to search for a mate.

My opinions about these dog lovin’ dating sites is conflicted.  In the infinite world of the internet and the seemingly unending number of websites we are bombarded with on the daily, I suppose the only way to get noticed is with a gimmick.  Can these sites really promise better results?  Or are they just using “dog” as a way to sucker consumers into dishing out more cash??

On the other hand, for those of us serious dog lovers…could we (or would we want to) ever be in a “til death do you part” relationship with someone who wasn’t going to understand the connection we have with our canines?  By joining a community of people who feel the same way about their pets, is that just one less thing to discuss when discussing your future?  Would it make opening up and beginning a relationship with a stranger that much easier – I mean, who can’t go on and on about their dog?  Great conversation starter!

What do you think?

(P.S. My mom met her husband on eHarmony.  She is a dog lover – he wasn’t…but now he is!  My dad met his current girlfriend on  She is a dog lover – he isn’t…will it work out?  My husband and I met the old-fashioned way –  I am a dog lover…he just didn’t know he was!  Maybe dog lovers should mingle with the general population to create more dog loving families!) 

3 thoughts on “Online Dating – Gone to the Dog Lovers

  1. Imagine that you found a random good looking person on the street. Either you or he approaches the other, and you instantly feel an intuitive connection. Before you know it, you guys are on the best date of either lives, and are going home.

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