Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#40)

Happy first Wednesday of the month!

This week, I officially went on maternity leave.  (A big THANK YOU to all my clients who have been understanding and flexible about this change!)  Only a few days in and I’m feeling a wide arrange of emotions.  At the beginning of the week, I was feeling just plain sad.  The dogs I hang out with every day truly feel like my friends.   Not only am I sad that I’m not seeing them every day – the thought of not seeing them for 3 or 4 more months is heartbreaking.

Today, the word I would most use to describe my emotional state is frustrated.  I don’t know if I decided to take a leave of absence at the perfect time – or if my body was just holding on until I gave it a break…but this week even the slightest task feels like a major chore.  Bending down to fill the dogs’ bowls for their dinner leaves me breathless and sore.  Walking laundry from the dryer to the bed for folding feels like running a marathon with 20 lb dumbbells.  With a to do list as long as my arm…frustrated about sums it up.  I’m use to walking miles and miles through the elements with energetic dogs!  How can a quick trip to Walmart exhaust me??

The one thing I’m doing a lot of is reading…reading every baby book I can get my hands on!  Surprisingly, many of these books center on the same principles as the dog training books I’ve read.  More on that later…  (In the meantime, check out my own new parent advice here!)

…now it’s time for cute dog pics!  These shots definitely cheered me up…hope they put a smile on your face today and help you get through the rest of your week!


I wish everyone who had an irrational hatred of pit bulls could meet this sweetie pie!


…and you said dogs don’t smile!


When you look up “puppy dog eyes” in the dictionary…

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