Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and the People Who Love Them

This holiday season,  I was determined to shop early and be organized.  (P.S. I say this EVERY year.)  For me, I found doing a little Googling and putting in a little laptop “window” shopping were the ways to get some personal and unique gifts (…and yes, I did a LOT of browsing!)  Here are a few gifts that caught my eye in the never-ending sea of gifts for pets and the humans who love them.  While I did start my shopping early…I somehow still find myself in need of present or two.  (Warning – when you get married, your “to buy for” list doubles!)

Luckily in the world of online shopping, we still have time to ship!

DJ Cat Scratching PadDJ Cat Scratching Pad – $35 – Uncommon Goods –

How hilarious is this?  I am a big fan of Uncommon Goods for one-of-a-kind gifts, but this has to be one of the best ones I’ve seen.  According to the site, this product “enables your furry homeslice to spin some phat, chillout beatz with hella catitute.”  I somehow think this entertains cat parents as much as their feline friends.

Lab Lovers Flannel Sheet Sets – $75-$90 -Plow & Hearth –


A client of mine gave me a Plow & Hearth catalog…and my eye went right to these sheets.  How cute are they?  You don’t see too many dog themed sheets that aren’t overly juvenile.  While the pictures makes them seem overly “doggy”…just the neutral sheets (without the red comforter on top) would be the perfect way to show your lab love in a mature way.  Plus, that special dog (or maybe dogS) who are lucky enough to snuggle with you will appreciate the extra soft flannel!

ASPCA TeeI Heart ASPCA Dog Tee – $6.99 – ASPCA Store –

All readers of this blog know how much I love and believe in adoptions from shelters.  Seeing as we found our newest addition, Amigo (for those of you who don’t know who Amigo is…click here) at the ASPCA, we love to shop in the their store.  On a recent visit to their site, I saw this shirt for ONLY $6.99.  They even have it in large (which as you big dog owners know, can be hard to find.)  What a great way to show your support and give support to such a great organization.


Dachshund Propaganda Coffee Mug – $15 – Cafe Press –   Cafe Press Mug

I gave my mom this mugs a few Christmas ago…and she loved it!  I thought it was quirky and fun; it still makes me chuckle every time I see her drinking from it.  What can I say, we have always been dachshund lovers.  (P.S. If you haven’t shopped at Cafe Press, you should definitely check it out.  I can browse on there for hours.)

Small Santa Gift Tote - Harry BarkerSmall Santa Gift Tote – $45 – Harry Barker –

Full disclosure – I LOVE Harry Barker.  I discovered this brand while a buyer for a specialty gift store in Chelsea, NYC…and I think they have such a clean, unique look.  (As a buyer, I was drawn to their packaging.  It is gorgeous.)  This gift tote is a great way to send love to a pet lover – especially if they are far away.  Not only does it include everything a pup could ever want from Santa (treats, toys, balls), it also comes backed in this awesome eco-tote.  (I wish I could recommend everything on their site! )

Harry Barker

Classic Silver Food Storage Canisters ($52-$60) – Harry Barker

Hemp Bone Toy - HB

Classic Hemp Bone Toy ($8-$10) – Harry Barker

One thought on “Gifts for Dogs, Cats, and the People Who Love Them

  1. I’m spending the day just looking for folks who love dogs and cats and might have a business too. We are…and I am the artist of all the designs…and I paint too!

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