Architecture for Dogs

Rocking kennel for the playful Beagle

I love when people (and blog readers *hint*hint*) send me links to awesome things happening in the world of dogs.  That was the reason I was so happy when my friend Thidaa send me a link to a post on   Thidaa (an awesome architect/artist living in London…with her own awesome blog) knew Architecture for Dogs would be something I would be interested in.  More importantly, she knew it would be something I would most definitely want to blog about.

So here’s the scoop – Kenya Hara is this hip, cool Japanese graphic designer.  His biography on his own Hara Design Institute describes him as a designer who “emphasizes the design of both objects and experiences.”  (Oh, and he is major famous – he designed the opening AND closing ceremonies of the winter Olympic games in 1998.)

So basically Hara gathers all these architects and designers from America, Europe, and Japan…and asks them to create original doggy structures.  We aren’t just talking dog houses and dog beds here…he specifically wanted designs that would “alter the way people interact with their pet.”  My favorite is the dachshund structure (pictured below and listed first in the Dezeen post) – a ramp that leads to a platform that allows the pooch to make eye contact with his owner…despite his short legs.  This is just one of the 13 inventive, unique, and stunning breed specific designs that presented in this collaboration.


But wait!  That’s not even the coolest thing.  The blueprints for these structures will be published online ( for FREE! (after November 15)  Hara hopes that all of us dog lovers will recreate these designs ourselves, post our photos online, and start an online doggy design conversation.  Not only do I LOVE these designs…I LOVE the idea of bringing these cool designs right into our own homes.

What do you think?

“Mobile Home” for a Shiba


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