Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#31)

Happy 10/10! Thank goodness we are already halfway through our week!

Yesterday, my fellow-walker (who just happens to be my mom!) took her beloved Scarlett in for her yearly check-up with the vet. Scarlett is very

Sweet Scarlett

energetic – loving her walks and eager to greet everyone who walks in her front door – so it came as a shock when the vet informed my mom that she was having some irregularities with her heart. Other than referring her to a cardiologist who will run more test, there was not much else that could be immediately done. Needless to say, we are all upset by the news…although I assured my mom we should not jump to any conclusions before we get a specialist to interpret lab results. Have any of you been through something like this? I would love to hear your stories….and know how you dealt with the stress (on you and your dog), drama, and expense.

But enough sad news…let’s get to the pictures! How fun that both of them are kitties this week. I love it when that happens!! Meet two of our new furry friends and don’t forget you too can get your pet featured in our Wags & Whiskers Wednesday posts. (Read about how here.)

Meet Wasabi! Not only is this guy absolutely adorable…he is one-of-a-kind! He loves taking showers, and he is even toilet trained! Thanks to our Twitter friend @debbie_stywt for sharing Wasabi with us!

Here is our second feline friend of the week, Reily. Blog reader Sara sent this picture in of her “feisty” kitty. Apparently, Reily will chase after just about anything…string, toys, even shoe laces!

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