Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#26)

Happy mid-week, all you puppy lovers!

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning.  I dread going to the doctor (who doesn’t?!) and therefore usually drag a family member along with me for moral support (and entertainment in the waiting room.)  This morning, though, no one was available!  (The audacity of these people to not clear their schedules!!)  As this was my first time seeing this particular doctor, I was especially nervous.  I got up before the alarm and found myself ready to roll WAY too early.  I paced.  I cleaned.  I read.  I drank another cup of coffee. I checked my email (again.) Basically – I was nuts.

Buffy knew something was up.  Obviously she couldn’t understand what was making me act this way…but she knew something was troubling me.  She was the poster child for dogs everywhere.  She managed to keep her own morning routine while never being more than a few feet from me.  She laid at my feet while I ate my cereal.  She sat outside the bathroom while I perfected my ponytail.  She even skipped her morning backyard romp to sit in the kitchen while I loaded the dishes.  Number 2,394,204 why I love dogs – They know when you need them; you don’t even have to ask.  

So let’s look at some cute pup pictures!  It’s what every Wednesday needs!  (And if your pooch needs to update their look, make sure you check out the first post in our new Style Sniffer section!)




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