Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#25)

Happy 235th day of the year!

This week has been hectic.  A little too hectic, and it’s all because of work.  Between vacationing clients, daily dog walks, new client meetings, and boring office work…I feel like I’m pretty much working 24 hours a day.  I’m hot.  I’m tired.  I’m cranky.  UGH!

Then…I remember what my job is.  Loving pets.  That is literally what I get paid to do.  I get paid to love on, care for, play with people’s babies while they are away.  There are worse jobs.

Take a look at who I’m spending time with this week…

Sometimes, when you see a cute face like this every day, you start to take it for granted.


Back to school means teachers’ dogs are back to walkin’! This is Ruby…I hadn’t seen her in months. She is my heart.


My new BFF, Bama. I don’t think you can tell how big he is from this pic, but he is a big boy. A big, sweet, ball of LOVE that is! (Enjoying some sun in the shot.)


I hate pictures of myself, but this one of me and Bama was too cute not to post. We both hope the rest of your week is filled with long walks and lots of tail wags.

One thought on “Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#25)

  1. Oh, just look at all those sweeties. You should not hate your pictures, you are pretty and that is a great picture of you and Bama, it shows what a large, handsome woofie he is. Enjoy the remainder of the week, stay cool while you are on those nice walks. Hugs and nose kisses all around!

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