Stray Dogs of Taiwan – Who’s helping and what you can do

Our post Stray Dogs of Taiwan – Their Story Through Pictures quickly became one of the most popular stories on the blog this year!  While the story itself is heartbreaking, the response is heartwarming.  The tragic story of these dogs’ lives has been playing out for decades, but Tou Chih-kang has managed to bring it back to the forefront of animal rights news.  If a picture is worth a thousand words…his pictures are worth a thousand lives saved.

Unfortunately, we all know how the media works.  A story makes headlines.  Bloggers blog.  Tweeters tweet. People discuss….and two days later something else happens and we all forget about the headline-making story.

…so let’s try NOT to forget about these dogs (or any dogs living in shelters right now.)  It’s really hard, I know.  To put it succinctly – you have a life.  Every now and then, though, a just a few minutes/dollars of yours could really help.

***omitting rant about how we should all help animal shelters more here***

Right now…let’s focus on the shelters and organizations that are actively and directly working to make a difference to the dogs of Taiwan.  If you have money (ha!) give.  I think helping the cause can be as easy as “liking” rescue organizations on Facebook – social media has become a powerful tool.  With one click, you show that the organization has a strong following, you stay current with local/global news…and who knows?  Maybe your rich Facebook friend was looking for a legit tax write off.

As cheeseball as it sounds – you CAN make a difference.

So, now that I’ve got you all fired up…here are a few places to start:

(Countless shelters are working tirelessly to find homes for these abused pups from Taiwan.  Please let me know who I have left out and where to find information on them.  I will update this post as new groups are brought to my attention.) 

U.S. Shelters

Most rescue groups have tried/are trying to get dogs adopted locally in Taiwan. It’s not really working out.  As crazy as it seems, cross-ocean adoption programs are much more successful.

The Collared Scholar – Poway, CA – In an interview with Fox 5 news San Diego, The Collard Scholar president Megan Karnes says of the Taiwanese dogs – “To stay in our shelters would be like staying in the Hilton compared to where they are coming from.”

Golden Retriever Club of Golden Los Angeles Rescue – Los Angeles, CA – Found these guys through an article on the China Post Website.  Through the Golden Retriever Club’s own website I found the Project Taiwan blog.  Looking forward to reading future posts about happy endings and what they are doing to help the homeless pups abroad.

Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue– Wilmington, DE – Focusing specifically on dogs from Taiwan, this rescue group (no shelter…all fosters)

Here is Jazz! Saved on the day he was to be put down, he’s had Ehrlichia and distemper…but now in the the care of Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue he is healthy and HAPPY! (He’s still searching for his forever home!!)

uses Petfinder to get dogs placed in forever homes.

Salty Dog Rescue – Seattle, WA –  Their mission statement: “From dogs saved on the streets of Taiwan to local dogs in need, regardless of breed, our foster based non-profit organization cares passionately and will work endlessly to rescue, rehabilitate and responsibly match dogs with their forever families.” says it all.  They have a page on their website devoted to educating people on the stray dog problem in Taiwan.

Sweet Home Rescue – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA – A page with lots of (upsetting!) pictures and informative links to rescue websites, blogs, and articles.


Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN – – Tirelessly working to save the dogs of Taiwan through cross-ocean adoption.  (Be sure to check out their Rescue Missions page…amazing detailed stories with pictures.)

Taichung PAWS – – A volunteer organization with an interesting website covering information, events, shelter programs, adoption profiles, and even information on government subsidies for spay/neutering dogs and cats.

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