Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#21)

Happy 7-11!  (Did you know you could go to 7-Eleven today and get a free slurpee?)

For all my fellow Southerners…what a wet week it has been.  If it’s not raining – it’s misting.  If it’s not misting – you just stepped in a puddle.  For this dog walker, it has made the week a little less fun.  For the pups…well, I’m not sure they even noticed.

I would classify myself as an “animal lover”.  As all you fellow “animal lovers” know, you can’t exclude a creature from your compassion simply because it isn’t as cute and cuddly.  If I’m being honest, though, I have finally found an animal that I don’t love…or like…or care to tolerate any longer.  The Bull Frog.  Does anyone else have experience with these things??  What I first believed to be some sort of alarm or annoying children’s game I later found out was a tiny frog living between my house and the house next door.  As I write this, he (I assume it’s a “he” due to its insessant moaning!) is happily croaking away…much to the dismay of Buffy and me.

But, let’s get to the dog pictures already!

Zeva, hard at work testing out new products!

Meet Zeva!  I was more than a little happy to see an email from Laurel Mountain Gift Baskets show up in my inbox with this adorable picture attached. I’ve been a fan of Laurel Mountain for a while…not only because I LOVE gift baskets (it’s a long story…) but also because they have pet themed gift baskets which I think is a GREAT idea.  “But who decides what products go in these dog gifts?” you might ask.  Enter Zeva the lab/border collie rescue who not only is the product tester and design consultant for the pet division, but also finds the time time to write her own blog.

Ok…a few more pics to tide you over ’til next Wednesday.  Don’t forget – you can submit your own pup (or kitty) pic!

Another one of Zeva (she is just too cute!) testing out leashes.

All my followers know – Sweet Dee stayed with us over the 4th of July holiday. She and Buffy are definitely best friends now. We miss her!


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