Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#19)

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been especially exciting in my house.  My mom and her husband (finally!) decided to go on a vacation (Washington, D.C.) and left their baby, Scarlett, with me.  My husband and I were eager to see how Buffy would react to another pooch in the house – we are definitely ready to add another dog to our family.  The experiment was far from perfect, though, these two gals have already spent quite a bit of time together.  (Not like inviting a stranger in!)  My mom, more than little overprotective of her mini dachshund, was sure there would be problems and the proverbial “fur would fly”.

The only one that has had a problem with this week’s arrangement?  ME!

Buffy is so mellow and easy going…sometimes it baffles me (even though we put a lot of time and effort hoping to raise her just so.)  I figured, though, after a day or two she might get jealous of another dog getting my affection.  Nope!  Not my Buffy.  I thought Scarlett might be constantly jumping in my lap, kissing my face, rolling over for tummy rubs in an attempt to claim her spot as #1 dog of the house.  Hasn’t happened!  If anything, my husband is getting more attention from the girls than I am!  I feel like I’m living the stereotype – Mom does all the necessary things (feed/walk/potty)…but Dad is the “fun one”!

But enough about my moaning!  Let’s see some cute pics.  Lots of our Twitter friends have been sending us pictures of their furbabies.  Feel free to Tweet us @WandWHouston!

Is that a cat pic? Yay felines! Our Twitter friend @zaffycorkyollie sent us this silly pic of Korky. LOVE IT!

Another of our Twitter friends, @isalouald, sent us this absolutely adorable Labradoodle pic. Did you read up about the breed on our recent post? Check it out here.

How could I not include a picture of Scarlett & Buffy! Here are the two BFFs chillin’ after a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

HEY!  We are on Pinterest now!  We are looking for adorable dog and cat related pics, products….EVERYTHING!  You follow us (WandWHouston), we’ll follow you, and then you can help us get started!  

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