Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#16)

Happy middle-of-the-week in the middle-of-MAY!

As you may have  noticed, the blog has (once again!) gotten a face lift.  It is so hard to get the visual components to match the feeling of the blog….or the feeling I want it to have.  I want it to be fun and inviting without being overly cutesy.  I want it to professional without being cold.  I want it to perfectly reflect me and the content I write…and I just don’t know how to make that happen!  With every evolution, I think I’m getting just a little bit closer.  Please let me know what you think.  (Feel free to post links to blogs you love – dog or otherwise – to give me ideas!)

Of course, the new layout has a great whisker shot (Get it?!  Wags & WHISKERS) which had me browsing through my seemingly endless collection of dog pictures.  So – straight out of the vault – what you’ve all been waiting for  –  the cuteness overload we like to call WAGS & WHISKERS WEDNESDAY!

Maude – One of my FAVORITE dogs from the dog daycare I worked at in Brooklyn. She didn’t come everyday, but I knew her schedule and would look forward to seeing that adorable face.

Brennan – First dog to break my heart by moving away. I got him through his puppyhood…and then his dad decided to up and move to Colorado. I think he might have been THE cutest puppy to ever exist.

Clarice – One of the dogs I’ve rescued. She was in my life for such a short amount of time….but she truly touched my heart!

…and of course BUFFY!

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