The Woof Report – Dogs in the News

As you all know by now, I’m a fan of the pit bull.  While most media tend to run stories that perpetuate the stereotype of aggression and ferocity in the breed, I was thrilled to find CNN publishing a story about heroic Lily.  Officer David Lanteigne rescued Lily to be a companion for his alcoholic mother.  When Lanteigne’s mom passed out on the tracks of an oncoming train, Lily not only struggled to push and pull her off the tracks….she actually threw herself between the woman and the oncoming train.  The woman was unhurt, but Lily lost one of her front legs playing the role of protector.  (Watch the clip and an interview with Officer Lanteigne here.)


Seriously…how does any woman (or dog for that matter!) look so perfect in the middle of the woods on a camping trip?

The world just can’t get enough of Lupo!  As if you needed any more reason to love the Duchess of Cambridge, this week Kate took her adorable cocker spaniel puppy camping with a group of lucky scouts.  The Duchess let the scouts hold Lupo’s leash…but later let the pup run through the woods of Scotland untethered.  (Cuddling was also reported – as seen in the pic above!)


The newly renamed Bronx (who is now around 2 years old.) Damn you, Tim Tebow, for giving us a reason to like you!

I definitely consider myself a bit of a pop culture buff.  My guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip…and when my two obsessions (dogs & celebs) combine, I find that I cannot get enough.  This week’s top dog story, though, had me cringing.  Tim Tebow (because this is a pet related blog, I will exclude the rant where I write my true Tim Tebow feelings) changed his Rhodesian Ridgeback pup’s name from Bronco to Bronx.  First of all…does this guy like the Bronx enough to name his dog after it?  (I’m assuming he’s never actually been to the Bronx.)  Second, what’s going to happen if (let’s be real…WHEN) he changes teams again?  I feel like poor Broc…I mean Bronx…is being used as a flimsy excuse to keep everyone talking about Tim Tebow (…and it worked.  That dog is super cute!)

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