Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#13)

Happy Wednesday!

So….I think I’ve turned into a crazy dog person.

I feel like something is wrong with my pup.  She doesn’t have a cut or scrape, she isn’t sleeping a lot, and she hasn’t been coughing.  Something is just off – call it mother’s intuition.  (And with that last sentence, I have officially turned into MY mother.)  For one thing, her tail has been wagging funny.  (Remember above when I told you I had turned into a crazy dog person??)  It isn’t wagging back and forth…just to one side…and then the other.  She doesn’t seem depressed, but she seems like something is bothering her.  So here is the question I pose to you, my knowledgeable reader: Should I take her to the vet?

What would I say?  “I cannot tell you what is wrong or what any of the symptoms are, but something is wrong with my dog.”  Will they think I’m crazy?  I would seriously love to get some feedback on this (especially if you have been in a similar situation.)

As worried as I am, looking at pictures of cute dogs always cheers me right up.  Hopefully these adorable pups will have the same effect on you!  As you hopefully know, we are always taking picture submissions if you would like to get your pup featured on our blog.  Check out our submission info here.

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