Back from London Town!

I’m back!

Sorry for the lack of fabulous pup posts over the past two weeks, but I was enjoying a much needed vacation.  London was amazing!!  I think I saw just about everything there was to see – Buckingham Palace, Tower of London…and of course many, many pubs.  My friend Thidaa, who lives in London, even planned a surprise trip to Paris!  (She is super cool and even has a blog of her own.  You can also check out some of her artwork on her website.)

Of course, though, I was on the constant lookout for local dogs.  I was surprised that I didn’t see too many of them!  Of the few pups that I did see living in the city, I would say the majority of them were French Bulldogs….followed by one of my favorite breeds, the Dachshund.  Some of London’s many parks were filled with dogs on the sunny afternoons we enjoyed during our trip, and all of them were off leash.  It was quite a sight to see – literally hundreds of dogs running, sniffing, playing fetch – and all behaving themselves perfectly.

(Do British dogs have better etiquette than dogs in the States??)

Each time I saw a dog – whether it was a Weimaraner or a Pug – I couldn’t help but think of my Buffy back home.  Oh, I missed her so!  My mom was kind enough to take her in (and I think she secretly wanted to keep her even after we returned.)  It was weird being on the other side of things…I’m usually the one who stays at home with the four-legged kiddos while the parents are away.  The pictures of Buffy that my mom while I was “across the pond” meant the world to me.  It definitely made me realize that I should send more pictures to my clients while they are away so they can see just how happy, healthy, and relaxed their pets are while they are enjoying their holiday.

It was amazing how much I missed my clients too.  Just like you are with co-workers and friends, I get use to seeing “my” dogs everyday.  I would wonder if they were missing me too.  (I saw a few of them on Friday…and by the amount of tail waggin’ and kissing that went on, I would say they did!!)

But now back to real life…

How perfect is this for me! I picked this up at a Sunday street market in London. Chatted with the artist (it is an original.) His girlfriend is a dog walker in London! I love this!!

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